Science Explains Why Catgirls Are Popular

Okay, this article doesn’t actually spell out why catgirls are so popular but reading closely would strongly suggest a potential reason. I’m summarize for those who don’t want to read the full article but I strongly recommend checking the article out because it’s such an interesting read.

A Czech scientist, Jaroslav Flegr, has been studying Toxoplasmosis which as some people probably know is a disease that originates in cats and is the reason why pregnant women are not supposed to go near litter boxes. To everyone else this disease was apparently not that big-of-a-deal, something akin to a mild cold/flu that people get over in a couple of days, but this scientist’s studies and the corroborating studies suggest this disease is far more serious.

The protozoa behind Toxoplasmosis looks like it is a cause of Schizophrenia in a sizable percentage of people as well as having the ability to rewrite a person’s behaviors in a set way. The schizophrenia side I’ll leave alone because I’m interested in the behavioral modification properties here.

This protozoa reproduces inside cats and apparently hit upon a novel way to ensure it’s spread to other cats – infect animals that cats eat and then alter their behavior to help ensure that cats will eat the infected animals. This is done in many ways including the lengthening of reaction times (so if you’re a rat and come upon a cat it takes longer to decide to run away thereby allowing the cat a better chance at getting the rat) and reducing the  levels of weariness to open spaces (so if you’re a rat and come upon a situation where a cat might be laying in wait instead of being cautious you walk right in and get pounced upon) and making those infected more physically active (increases the chance of being spotted by cats).

Another way this disease accomplishes it’s goal is to rewire the brain to make the smell of cat pee an attractive smell. This was first shown in male rats but has recently been shown to be the case in male humans as well. The scientist being interviewed confirmed that it might be possible to use cat pee as an aphrodisiac towards infected males. Coupled to that it also alters the pleasure centers of the brain and increases the sex drive.

Now do you see where I’m going with this. If it does all this, I think it’s very possible  that this protozoa is behind at least some of the fascination for catgirls.

I know what you probably thinking, I don’t have a cat so I don’t have to worry. I thought the same thing until I read that the most common vectors of infection is eating undercooked meat and eating vegetables that weren’t properly cleaned. According to the article 10% – 20% of Americans are infected, France has a 55% infection rate with the rest of Europe being somewhere in-between the two rates. It doesn’t mention what the infection rate in Japan was but it probably isn’t much lower than America’s.

Like I said, an interesting and thought-provoking article.


8 thoughts on “Science Explains Why Catgirls Are Popular”

  1. Interesting and thought provoking yes…but cat pee still smells bad and I do not get horny from it haha. It is a very interesting read though. I liked this a lot and, currently this IS a strong logical reasoning behind cat girl fetishes.
    I would be interested to know what sparks a fetish for bunny girls, fox girls, dog girls, and all the like.
    You have peaked my interest!


  2. I don’t think it’s all that complicated.

    I think the male half of the species is simply attracted to the female half of the species. Even if you change them just a little. 😉


  3. I think people just like cute furry animals. Wild foxes can be domesticated and in 2 to 3 generations, their ears become floppy, like a dog’s. How’s that for genetic cooperation with human behaviors. If dogs have a genetic marker to signify a change towards domestication, then humans must also have evolved a desire to own and keep pets such as the furry animals. Otherwise, there would be no “need” for such a genetic marker, to trigger anything from humans. And thus no advantage for domesticated vs undomesticated.

    Humans, especially males, have two trigger points on this. Either for women in a superior position (so called preference for older women) or a preference for women in a subordinate position (the preference for submission and sub order femininity). Thus cats often fall into the second class automatically. They are something you take care of, and irregardless of how fast or well a cat hunts, it’s still domesticated. Of course, human love for the big cat predators (cheetah, tigers, lions, etc) would be the obverse. It’s very rare to get that, because of the human instinctive desire for self-preservation. Large cats once hunted humans on the Savannah. Up until they figured out that fire and sharp rocks attached to sticks made humans a dangerous prey to take down.


  4. I hate cats!

    It really bites into my sense of self-consciousness, though, knowing that (if I were to like catgirls, which I don’t) attraction towards catgirls was based on a virus instead of by free will or as a natural instinct. The more and more I think about it, the more and more my actions feel predetermined. I don’t feel like I can do what /I/ want myself to do anymore!

    And then I look around and realize I’m the only one in my school who whittles his time away writing articles about foreign cartoons in a blog that nobody reads. 😛 I guess natural selection didn’t work out very well.


  5. Humans have will and intent which can shape their own destiny.

    Besides, people should do what they put work into doing. It’s the only way they will ever get anywhere.


  6. i find that to be a little too far fetch, but hey everyone has their own ideas. but for me, like some people here have mentioned it, is based off of one’s own free will.


  7. I concur it is most defnatly by free will, one question / point not dealt with though is what about the reverse side of this supposed senario? meaning when cats approach you even though they do not know who you are and even against the cats own self presevation, as in entering a yard to be with some one even though there are 3 dogs on the premisis?

    My own oppinion is this: just as it is out of free will that cats become pets so also cats would venture upon great risk to them selves if they wish to get some attention. I think cats are much more complicated than humans give them credit though it is also true for every animal and even insect and plant life on Earth.

    I have put these so called “experts” notions conserning what they say about dogs to the test several times and these “experts” are either blind or dont have their animals because they all ended up being wrong.
    Dogs can see and recognise colours they can also see them selves in mirrors and their reflections in glass and they understand what is said to them very well infact animals is so clever they understand EVERY SINGLE language in the WORLD! and they also know what you think (feel free to test these facts for your self) 😉

    So in reality it seems humanity might be light years behind when it comes to mental capacity LOL.


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