Poll: Which New Anime Series Has the Prettiest Cherry Blossoms?

I’ve noticed before that anime series seem to often air at the same time of the year as when the viewers would watch it in real life. For this spring season that means these anime series would feature the Japanese staple – beautiful cherry blossoms and more cherry blossoms. I’m not complaining, though I’m more of a fall colors person myself; however, I was curious to see just how many series had cherry blossoms in their first episode.

The end tally was 10 series out of the 23 I started watching this season had at least one blooming cherry tree somewhere in the first episode. Curiosity sated, I realized I found my next poll question. (The recently current one about the best anime of 2014 is so last year). This poll can be found to the right. Below are examples of the cherry blossoms found in those ten anime series which one can peruse to make an informed choice.

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Early Season Impressions: Spring 2015 – The Surprises

I’ve over extended myself this season; there’s too many watchable anime series to catch that promise, minimally, that they will be worth the time invested. Of the 23 new series that I’ve watched, there is only one – Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation – who has earned enough enmity from me through it’s own incompetence that I’ve dropped it (gladly so, btw). At the same time, there seems to be only a few series with the chops to even attempt attaining the level of being “great” or the slightly lower “very good”. Further, there are only two series that have even a remote chance of pushing themselves up to the “exceptional” category.

Another aspect of this season is how few the number of surprises (good or bad) there have been. The last time I tried to predict which series were going to be the top series of the season (Summer 2014) I was only about half right and made several glaring mistakes. For this season I attempted the same thing and the list I drew up before the season started looks, four weeks in, to be very spot on. Yeah for me, but, boo for this season being so predictable. The high number of sequels, 8 out of the 22 non-dropped series, does play into this lack of surprises. (If the Lupin series does actually air starting in May the sequel number will be bumped to 9/23 or ~39% of the series for the season.)

That’s not to say there hasn’t been any surprises; there has been a few moderate ones and that might be the best place to start.

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I’m Worried That My Outlandish Theory About Ore Monogatari!! Might Be True

One of my younger sister’s favorite anime genre is mystery but I’m sorta indifferent to it; so, when we watch a mystery anime together, she gets mad when I’ll correctly guess the solution after only seeing a little of the mystery presented. I do this frequently and it’s become a bit of a joke between of us.

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Anime Quiz 13 Answers

Once more into the breach. I couldn’t really summon the energy to get this done early, hence the tardiness of this post. I’m glad for the time that’s being freed up – I want to focus on writing a look back at the winter season next week, for example – but I already miss doing these quizzes.

I’d drag my feet a little longer here, but, there’s a lot of ground to cover with these questions.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – The Final Reckoning

As we close the book on the 2015 Winter anime season so to do we come to the end of the weekly anime quiz experiment here at The Null Set. On my end, as a way to help get through the dreary grey winter months, this experiment was a great success. I had fun coming up with questions, doing the necessary research (because I’d probably only have averaged ~10 – 11 questions right on each quiz), and generally keeping busy keeping these quizzes on track. I also came away with a deeper appreciation for the people involved in creating anime and have several new anime series I want to get to know. I also enjoyed reading the responses people gave and the conversations about the various anime that were started because they were featured in a question.

So, I definitely plan to bring the idea of featuring anime quizzes on The Null Set back at some point in the future. However, these quizzes were a little too good at keeping me busy and there were several posts I wanted to write that didn’t get written this season, as a result. Also, I’d hoped for more participation and want some time to reflect on ways to improve these quizzes to garner more attention. And on that front, to anyone reading this if you have any constructive criticism about these quizzes – the questions were too easy, too tough, prefer more multiple-choice questions, more questions per week, or less, switch to longer monthly quizzes, focus on one area at a time, etc. – I’d love to hear it.

For this final quiz I also added a few more questions then the normal 15 because that way I’ll have asked a cumulative of 200 questions. So, without further ado, let’s start the quiz.

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Anime Quiz 12 Answers


As a surprise to no one, the final episode of Shirobako was perfect. A perfect episode, a perfect amount of closure for our 5 main characters and the others, a perfect balance of laughs and tears, a perfect way to end the series, and a perfect intro for a sequel. Because there will be a sequel, looking at disc sales, Shirobako is P.A. works second highest selling series ever (only behind Angel Beats).

It’s a good thing I wrote these answers up before I watched Shirobako; otherwise, I would have found some way to talk about Shirobako in each one. So, here’s this week’s quiz answers without absolutely no references to Shirobako.

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