Carole & Tuesday – First Impressions

There are only a few director/creators in anime that their mere name is enough to make a sizable portion of anime fandom commit to watching their shows. This blue moon of a season happens to have two such director/creators. The first is Shinichirou Watanabe with his work – Carole & Tuesday – and the second is Kunihiko Ikuhara with his work – Sarazanmai. Of the two, I was more curious about Carole & Tuesday because one kinda already knows what one will get with Ikuhara (interesting story wrapped in a bonkers, memorable, animation style) and I wanted to see if Shinichirou Watanabe can channel his inner Shoji Kawamori.

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Mix: Meisei Story – First Impressions

With the third season of Chihayafuru being delayed to this autumn, Mix: Meisei Story easily became the anime I was most looking forward to from the new Spring 2019 season which makes it the logical place to start my coverage for the season. And because it’s already got a couple unrelated-to-the-actual-anime strikes against it, I also feel the need to help draw people’s attention to what will hopefully and probably be one of the best titles of the season.

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The Winter 2019 Anime Final Report, Part 2

Seeing as I didn’t write anything for three months, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I was unable to keep myself brief enough that a part 2 wasn’t warranted. Read on to see what I thought of the Isekai series that started in the fall and continuing through this season as well as see which series I name the best new series and best overall series of the season.

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The Winter 2019 Anime Final Report, Part 1

In a shock to almost no one, the long forecasted demise of anime did not occur during the recently completed Winter 2019 season. Instead, we got another solid season of anime made more impressive because the winter season, like the summer season, is considered an off-season for the industry. And I almost missed it because of my shoddy time management skills and because of a certain slime-tastic video game.

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Gundam Build Fighters – Secret Santa Review

Ten years ago the Reverse Thieves blog/podcast site started their Secret Santa Project and it quickly became my favorite annual anime blog tradition. I did not actively participate the first couple of years because I didn’t have a MAL or equivalent account which would have made it somewhat difficult for a stranger to pick a new-to-me anime. (Being able to participate was the reason I started using MAL). I missed another year because I made the mistake – after several years of doing it correctly – of sending my desire to participate message to the wrong email address and only realizing this well after it was possible to be included. So, this is the seventh year I am participating and once again I found myself eagerly trying to determine the best series to give my Secret Santa recipient and hoping for at least one good series from my Secret Santa.

My track record in receiving good picks has been very good. Will this year continue the string or did I receive a big lump of coal this year?

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