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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 9

New month! Spring is almost here, though, around here winter wanted to remind us that it’s not over yet by dumping 7 inches of snow on us yesterday.

Before we get to this week’s quiz I wanted to mention that I have started an ask.fm account and it can be found here. I hope it will turn into a great supplement to The Null Set. I’m open to just about any question. Definitely ask the anime questions and/or science fiction questions. Topics like politics and religion and the like – which I try to steer clear of on this blog – are fair game over there; just remember to be polite and respectful and I’ll promise to be polite and respectful back. I’m even open to some light personal questions because who I am as a reviewer of anime is influenced and framed by me, no matter how objective I try to be, and I think getting a better handle on who I am will help those reading weigh what I write better. I just never felt that I should devote much blog space for this personal information. For instance, I already answered a question about my favorite movie and after some thought I realized that The Blues Brothers is my favorite movie and I believe that shows that I can value a comedy on the same level as a drama.

You should also check my ask.fm page out for the cool background I put together; it’s the reason why I didn’t have the time to finish my top 10 shows of 2014 post last week :) .

And now, here’s this weeks anime quiz.

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Anime Quiz 8 Answers


If your reading this then you might realize that I’m a bit late on this post :) . A couple self-imposed deadlines aren’t going to get made (I wanted to have my 2014 year in review posts done before March, for one) but that’s okay because this February is just about done and I’ve gotten through the month better then I have been because of all the writing I’ve been making myself do.

I hate February for all the normal I’m sick of winter reasons – this year’s February will easily be the coldest in over 117 years, since before records were kept in my hometown, and be the third snowiest on record. But I also hate it because both of my grandparents on my mother’s side died this month and I will always remember how every February of the 15 years my grandma lived after my grandfather would see her health fall apart and she’d barely make it to March but when she did, she’d perk right up; it was like the month of February stalked her like a predator to prey.

Okay, I’m starting to depress myself. Here’s the answers to this week’s quiz questions.

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The Top 15 Anime of 2014 – #15 to #11

Yes, the top fifteen. I’m not trying to be 50% better then those top 10 countdowns ;) . The idea for this countdown is that it contains all the series of merit from the past year that finished or aired enough episodes that I feel confident about including it here and is planned to be a longer running series. That means the exact number will fluctuate between years and is influenced by the diversity of shows I end up watching. The only hard and fast rule for the number of series included, beyond needing to be an anime of merit, is to have no more then 25% of the shows I’ve finished listed. The only way that there’d be a need to list more then 25% is if I’ve gone soft in my judging and this is a check against that. For this year, I finished 76 series so the list can contain a maximum of 19 series.

Before we get to that top 15, there’s two more awards to give out.

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The Best Anime Of 2014 – Part 3: VMA Awards

There’s a running joke in Shirobako about how the director will tell every department involved in making the anime that they are the most important in ensuring that the anime turns out good. They play it for laughs but the director is more right then not; each department and person is needed to give their best or else it will show in the final product somehow. It’s tempting to call the awards here – the Voice, Music, and Animation Awards – the icing on the cake awards, implying the quality of the underlying cake is unaffected by these VMA categories, but that’s just wrong. The easiest way to show this is if one had a magic wand and could change the anime series who will win the awards below with an “average” or even a “poor” level substitute and see how the series would have fared.

Or maybe the ability to jump to alternative world lines would be easier :) .

So, let’s see who’s won this year’s VMA Awards.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 8

I think I have a pretty typical knowledge and feel for classical music – i.e. very little – so it’s hard to judge the musical performances in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso beyond what the various characters communicate to the viewer. However, this week on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, episode 18, I was following along with the musical performance like normal when, all of the sudden, I started singing the words ‘Once upon a Dream’ from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty in time with the piano playing and then belatedly realized – hey, I know this song!. Finally, my meager knowledge of classical music came into play and I watched as a whole new avenue to appreciate and love Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso opened up. I didn’t have to be told it was an awesome performance; I knew it was an awesome performance and that was such a wonderful feeling. When they were done playing, I had to restrain myself because I almost jumped out of my seat to applaud loudly.

This series has been underappreciated from the start.

And speaking of under-appreciation, there’s a question on this week’s quiz that focuses on someone whose definitely underappreciated right now.

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Anime Quiz 7 Answers

Merry Christmas in February!

Long time readers might remember that I’ve mentioned this family-created holiday in the past. For those that don’t know what Christmas in February is, it started over 15 years ago. My family makes too many Christmas cookies and some are always left over after New Years Day. They’d go to the freezer until Christmas cookies sounded good again – February – and we’d pair the cookies with a nice meal (a spare turkey bought super cheap at Thanksgiving or a spare ham/rack of ribs bought cheap for Christmas or New Years Day). It was a very short leap before we started to call this meal Christmas in February and for several years that’s as far as it went. Then a couple decorations were put up, most often bought in the after Christmas clearances and hadn’t been put away yet. Then a few years later we put up a cute little foot high Christmas tree and then we started buying a small gift for everyone and then some of the outdoor Christmas lights are left up and then a bigger Christmas tree was bought on clearance from Wal-mart and suddenly my family spends all of January looking forward to Christmas in February

And it’s not hard to see why. Christmas in February has most of the best parts of Christmas without the pressure and hassle of the real holiday and because we can pick the day to celebrate it, it’s even convenient for everyone as well.

This year the original plan was for me to write a two table continuation of my Christmas Dungeons and Dragons module and I spent all this week getting it ready but last minute cancellations due to the impending winter storm shelved the continuation for now. (Instead, the family and friends that are coming will play Werewolf, Apples to Apples, Cranium or something similar.)

So, Merry Christmas in February everyone! Tomorrow, I’m going to feast on Fried Chicken and quite possibly the best tasting homemade Kolbasa I’ve ever had, homemade Mac’n’cheese, fried Cubed Potatoes (seasoned with onion soup mix and season salt), and all the Christmas cookies I can eat :) .

And here’s the answers to this week’s anime quiz.

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