The Dangers of Watching an AMV

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Recently my one sister was telling me how she was enjoying the mange for Berserk. Having never seen the anime, read the manga, or heard anyone talk about, I really shouldn’t have had an opinion but I found myself having to stifle laughter.

I wasn’t laughing at her for reading Berserk or because Berserk is a comedy – I was laughing because, having watched both AMV Hell 3 and 4, I was thinking of the clips of Berserk from them. Collectively the clips are very funny and paint the characters of the show very bizarrely. The danger of these clips is that I know that my idea of the show has been skewed so much that I don’t think I could ever watch the show without laughing at it constantly.

I’ve collected the clips from both AMV Hell 3 and 4 (NFSW, but nothing intense) for your viewing pleasure but don’t blame me if I ruin Berserk for you. 🙂

Here’s a few Berserk picks I found.

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