AMV Hell

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I’m sure there’s a lot of people that already know what AMV Hell is but there’s probably many that don’t know so I’m going to do a little PSA (Public Service Announcement).

AMV Hell is a large community effort to assemble many funny AMV bits together to make one long movie. Each piece is between a few seconds long to as much as a minute long, though 20 seconds is about the median length, and the final product has a Robot Chicken-esque feel. I’ve watched AMV Hell 3 and 4, between the two there’s about 2.5 hours of AMV goodness.

My sister and I both think these are very hilarious. I’ve probably watched each one all the through 7 or 8 times plus many times where I’ll watch a 10 or 15 minute chunk. Your enjoyment will differ based on how many of the anime shows you recognize and some of the humor is cliquish – though there’s not much.

Below, the first video is some of my favorite clips from AMV Hell 3 and the second is from AMV Hell 4. To find out more about AMV Hell and where to download it, visit the website. And finally, I think some of the clips might be considered NSFW but there’s nothing too bad in them, an occasional “b*tch” or similar word.


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