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Science Explains Why Catgirls Are Popular

Okay, this article doesn’t actually spell out why catgirls are so popular but reading closely would strongly suggest a potential reason. I’m summarize for those who don’t want to read the full article but I strongly recommend checking the article out because it’s such an interesting read.

A Czech scientist, Jaroslav Flegr, has been studying Toxoplasmosis which as some people probably know is a disease that originates in cats and is the reason why pregnant women are not supposed to go near litter boxes. To everyone else this disease was apparently not that big-of-a-deal, something akin to a mild cold/flu that people get over in a couple of days, but this scientist’s studies and the corroborating studies suggest this disease is far more serious.

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A Very Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I guess I owe at least a small explanation as to where I’ve been. My one sister and brother-in-law dragged me into tabletop pen-n-paper RPGs back in June and they like to host Dungeons and Dragons parties around the major holidays so their friends from across the state can drive over and play. They had planned a 3-day bash around New Years and I thought that my own character was going to be low to participate but about a week before Christmas we figured that if we worked at it then I’d be able to play with everyone else. So, long story short, I played a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons so when we got to New Years I could spend 3 days from dawn-to-dusk playing more DnD. And now that several days have passed since then, I’m starting to feel human again.

On top of that, I spent about a dozen hours helping my other sister, who’s home schooled, do the chemistry experiments she needed to do for her chemistry class.

And I got 5 new books for Christmas and I’ve read 3 of them already (over 900 pages total – which I don’t know if I should boast about 🙂 ) And finally, I had to watch anime as well. 🙂

So, I’m back.