Summer Anime Impressions – Natsune Yuujinchou

A second, and probably final, round of summer anime impressions is up next and to lead off is the supernatural slice-of-life show, Natsune Yuujinchou. This is the latest offering from Brain’s Base, who just finished up Kure-nai.

Rating: 09/12 A-

Natsume is your typical high school student except for the fact he can see ghosts which kinda makes him atypical 😉 . He lives with relatives, since his parents have already died years ago, and strives to not bother them so he tries to act like he can’t see these ghosts. This however is going to become essentially impossible since his grandma, who also saw ghosts, passed on her ‘Book of Friends’ to him when she died. The book contains the names of many spirits that the grandma battled and won against (and we all know once you have someone’s name you have control over them).

This ‘Book of Friends’ is known in the spirit world and many would like to get their hands on it and this includes a dragon spirit in the form of a fortune cat that Natsume accidentally releases. The cat feels a small debt to Natsume and along with the promise by Natsume that if he should die then the ‘Book of Friends’ will go to the cat – the cat becomes Natsume’s guardian.

The question of everyone’s mind is what will Natsume do with this book. After declaring that the book is precious to him because it’s from his grandma he says that he will give back the names to the spirits. This is very incomprehensible to me. Your grandma spent her life collecting these names and you say it’s important to you so you want to undo it. This boggles my mind – it doesn’t make sense. It would have made way more sense if after interacting with a few sad spirits that need their names back for various reasons would then prompt Natsume to decide to give back all the names.

Other than that, I have nothing but positive things to say about the show. The animation stands out right off the bat as well as the characters. The Dragon/Luck Cat being my favorite. I want to like this show and hopefully the future episodes will continue to build on it’s strengths so I can overlook the plot holes in the first episode.

As a note to people coming from animenano, for whatever reason my two last posts didn’t show up there. So if you came from there and want to see a picture of my Gurren Lagann birthday cake or my review of Wall-e check them out.


One thought on “Summer Anime Impressions – Natsune Yuujinchou”

  1. Natsume was probably referring to the *work* of his grandmother instead of the book. He considers the book just as a mark that stands for a mission his young grandmother had started but did not finish.

    So, his grandmother being dear to his heart, Natsume sets out to complete her lifework, which was cut short by death.


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