The Rest of My Spring Reviews

Just throwing in the rest of my spring anime reviews into one post (with the exception of The Tower of DRUAGA which I need to catch up on).


Kurenai follows Shintaro Kurenai whose a high school student that moonlights as a dispute mediator. His boss tasks him with being the babysitter/body guard for 7 year old Murasaki Kuhouin. Murasaki was taken from a some sort of very rich family that does not allow it’s women outside of the house. Murasaki is way more mature than her physical age but because she’s been sheltered her entire life, she doesn’t understand how the world works. The first 5 episodes have mainly dealt with Murasaki learning about the world, Shintaro getting used to watching her, and also character interactions between each other and fellow classmates/friends.

Rating: 11/12 A+, a very interesting anime, love the characters, animation, and music. The hints that have been dropped about the overreaching plot leaves me intrigued and waiting for more.

Real Drive

aka RD Sennou Chousashitsu

The pic pretty much sums up my thoughts on this show. Only watching the first two episode, I’m lost as to what’s going on, Kaiba makes more sense and it’s supposed to be ‘experimental’ anime. It’s very pretty to look at though and since it’s Production IG, I’ll give it a few more episodes. I will mention that there’s an awful lot of panty shots for a show that obviously wants to be taken seriously.

Rating: 05/12 C+, Once I get a better grip of what’s going on this score will probably go up

Wagaya no Oinari-sama

This show has been surprising bearable and in episode 4, it actually was somewhat interesting. The story follows two brothers who come from a family that runs a shrine. This shrine as an imprisoned fox spirit that is called out in times of need for protection. The two brothers are the only hope of continuing the family line so they are given the fox spirit and the family’s guardian (seen above) for protection. The animation quality is definitely below average but, if it can remain interesting then I won’t really care.

Rating: 07/12 B, Right now it’s not top-tier anime but it’s definitely not bottom-tier either.

Zettai Karen Children

From the people who did Hayate comes the story of three high level ESPers who are also only 10 years old. I’ve watched four episodes so far and this comedic show is definitely growing on me. What will probably make or break this show is if you like Aya Hirano and the Konata role she did for Lucky Star since she voices a character with much the same type of personality in this show.

Rating: 09/12 A-, This show could develop into a very good show but I can’t help but think that I want more Hayate.


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