Shock of the Season – Asu no Yoichi is a Pretty Good Show


When I say pretty good, I mean just that. It’s been an entertaining show that’s kept my attention well beyond what the generic harem-esque premise should have been capable of. Now, I’m not saying that it deserves to be ranked up with the excellent shows of the season like Toradora but it’s definitely no where near the bottom. In fact, I’d place Asu no Yoichi above several current shows like Maria+holic that should have been able to leave Asu no Yoichi in the dust but haven’t. I decided to figure out, if I could, exactly why this show has been so successful. (Manga and Anime spoilers ahead.)

The first step, I decided, was to check the source material to see if maybe that would explain it. Checking the first chapter, I was surprised to see that none of the events inside the mall happened; the eldest sister found Yoichi in the police station and took him home. Reading further on, chapter three is the chapter that introduces Chihaya, the manga drawing middle sister, but it stops right at the point where Chihaya tests to see if Yoichi is a good guy. There’s nothing from the second half of the episode where Chihaya gets bullied for being a manga artist and Yoichi coming to her aid. Both of these parts in the anime where important in establishing that Yoichi is an honorable samurai and not a lecherous pervert. Reading more, I found other parts that where altered in the anime to improve Yoichi’s character: in the manga he once says to himself that if it was the past, he won’t have to put up with the sisters treating him so badly; and when he gets asked on a date, instead of declining because he doesn’t know her, he shows up for the date and finds out she was just playing with him.


Once I realized that that animators where largely responsible for making this a pretty good show (for tweaking the characters and adding important character development), I wanted to see who worked on this and if I should have expected this. Of course, I forgot what I wrote for my winter anime preview and was surprised to see AIC was the ones that worked on this. If you remember from the fall season, AIC worked on Ga:Rei – Zero which created a far superior anime-original prequel to the Ga:Rei manga. I guess I shouldn’t haven been so surprised then and I will remember to look out for anime by AIC in the future since even with lackluster source material, it could turn out to be good.

I don’t know how it’ll finish but up to episode 8, it’s proven to be entertaining with a main character containing a real backbone and the girls being more then just character types. I’d suggest giving the show a chance provided you’re not bothered by fan service, there’s a fair amount in the show but it’s more thought-out then what’s standard, and you realize this show is in the entertaining fluff category and shouldn’t be thought to be on the same level as say Clannad or Toradora.

Asu no Yoichi also has eyecatches which I always enjoy.

20 thoughts on “Shock of the Season – Asu no Yoichi is a Pretty Good Show”

  1. I do agree. I found out about the show from the Hinano/JPmeyer blog and was pleasantly surprised.

    I also agree that this is one of the rare instances where the anime is actually better than the manga. Whodathunk it?

    It seems that AIC has done the right thing by re-interpreting the source material, which was mediocre at best, and making it into a better story.

    Asu no Youichi will never be a classic show which means that I will probably forget that I even watched in about a year. However I don’t feel like I am wasting my time. It has that same kind of vibe that Nogizaki Haruka no Himitsu had a season or two ago.

    It’s a pleasant confection that you savor, enjoy and then move on.

    Sometimes that’s all you really need.


  2. Like you, I’m pleasantly surprised by how entertaining this show is. And ya, I deemed it better than Maria Holic. This is one show where the changes they made actually works and weren’t haphazard.


  3. Yes, Asu no yoichi is a great show and i could tell from the beginning it was going to be great. But i’m going to have to disagree with you on that other show, ”Toradora” personally i think it kind of sucks.


  4. This show is far beyond toradora, it’s totally awesome and i really hope there’s a new season coming.. So far this is the best anime of 2009 together with chrome shelled regios, hajime no ippo : new challenger and major season 5.


  5. asu no yoichi was one of my favorite animes i thought it was going to be just like the other harems but it wasn’t your views on this are completely comparable with mine the only thing i hated was that it was so short


  6. @nagasumi: I haven’t heard any word yet, but when I do (as I think a second season is almost an assured thing), I say something here.


  7. One of the most entertaining animes I’ve watched. The animation was perfect, and the characters made it all the better. I really do hope that there is a season 2. 🙂

    If other animes were more like Asu No Yoichi, I’d be so happy. 🙂


  8. I’m seriously angry at those who say that it was a waste of time to watch this series. Who made you a critic? Sorry you just can’t seem to find the PERFECT romance series to watch, but saying that it’s a waste of time is just plain rude. Just because it isn’t similiar to Clannad or Toradora, it doesn’t mean that this anime was a waste of time. The animators, writers, everyone who was involved in the making of ‘Asu No Yoichi’ created something marvelous. I infact had a great time watching ‘Asu No Yoichi’, and I do hope that there is a season 2.


  9. After watching one episode, I had my suspicions. After watching the second episode, I swear that ‘Asu No Yoichi’ is the end result of combining Love Hina and Rurouni Kenshin. From Ibuki’s sweet and violent tendencies to how Yoichi uses “-dono”. It could just be me, but watch a few episodes of both those series and you would get the resemblance. I simply enjoyed the show for what it was. It doesn’t stretch to go beyond what it was never intended to be. And I agree that a second season would definitely be worth watching.


  10. yea i cant agree more….i really liked this anime….its the first anime that got me to comment here….they did an exceedingly better job with this anime than i had anticipated….id congratulate all the workers for there efforts in this anime…..but what i really liked about this anime was that 1.They knew just when to stop (any further with this anime and there would have been disappointments relationship wise) and 2.They blended the comedy in with the romance which is not so common now sadly…..i am not saying there shouldn’t be a season 2 but i am saying that they did very well and should continue working on more anime much like this one…..


  11. OMGGGGGGGG , This anime was so freakin’ Awsome! I can see why it is on the top 6 ranking of all animes:D [Well.. for that is..] Anyways i lovee this anime! Its even better when Toradora!<3


  12. is there going to be a more episodes of asu no yoichi Ive watched 12 dont see anymore and if so will this be a full series because im so fed up of getting into a Anime series and then thy just leave it hanging no ending nothing that really gets under my skin well anyway Ive expressed my thoughts if you have any answers for me please feel free to send me an email thx ppl =^^=


  13. season 1 was awesome. will definitely look into any other work by AIC. definitely one of the best anime comedy series i’ve seen.
    and unlike so many other comedies it doesnt get away cheaply by having a cool setting, like wasteland or space, Or by having an extremely different main character, or extreme randomness that make you laugh just out of confusion.
    Its just a really funny show. reminds me alot of ranma 1½, but i believe this one is the better one by far. this one and nyan koi i believe is the highlights of what i’ve seen from ’09 anime series.


  14. I love it because it s just like love hina and love hina is a great anime so I am hoping fore a second season


  15. Asu no yoichi is one of my top 5 anime so I hope they make a second season ore they will disapoint me


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