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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 12

One series that’s fallen in that grey zone of being not good or bad enough to really warrant discussion this season is Tokyo Ghoul √A. As a person who doesn’t read much manga because it’ll interfere with the eventual anime adaptation, I have no familiarity to the source material to influence my view of the anime. The first season of Tokyo Ghoul was okay, sometimes good, but lacked some elusive bit that prevented it from being great. I blame Studio Pierrot; they haven’t impressed me with one of their series in over a decade. I think the long form shounen series make them a touch lazy. I almost didn’t bother with the second season but I wanted to really like Tokyo Ghoul so I held my nose and started in on the sequel. At first, I kicked myself because the sequel started off even worse. I was just about to metaphorically throw the series out the window when Tokyo Ghoul √A suddenly got good. This final arc about the police making a raid to try to catch Owl is everything I was hoping the series would be.

I’ve been too busy to get to the penultimate episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A, maybe tonight, but I’m really looking forward to watching it and that’s pretty much the first time I’ve thought that about this series. Speaking of penultimate, here’s this week’s anime quiz.

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Summer 2014 Mid-Season Anime Report – Part 1: #23 to #14, The Stuff I Don’t Like

[Commie] Hanamonogatari [E055B3E8].mkv_snapshot_01.02.26_[2014.08.19_22.32.57]Before I start, I want to point out the new banner. I felt it was time to give the best anime currently airing some of the attention it deserves. If you’re not watching Hunter x Hunter then I don’t want to hear your complaints about the types of anime series that get made nowadays.

Moving on, we’ve now reached the halfway point of the summer season and it’s turned out to be a pretty good season for anime. If the spring continuing series had been a stronger group then this season might have placed somewhere near the top for best anime season. (This statement might be amended later if I can find the time to try Haikyuu!! and Baby Steps and like them.)

For this post, I’m not doing anything fancy; instead, I’m doing a straight countdown towards the best anime of the season starting with the worst of the worst …

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Summer 2014 Anime Season Preview


The spring season is thankfully almost over. I’m not calling it the worst season in recent memory but I do know I routinely had trouble finding worthy series to fill all 5 spots on my weekly Anime Power Ranking ballot for the first time ever, even with watching more then 20 airing series. The biggest disappointment of the season has been JoJo. I appreciate a manga author taking risks by shifting time periods and main characters and powers like Hirohiko Araki has done with JoJo; however, Japanese Jojo and company (not including grandpa Jojo) are the weakest and blandest cast of the franchise and the bad guy of the week format does not allow any of the villains to really become memorable. I’m only going to continue watching because grandpa Jojo is still around; if something happens to him then I think I’m going to sit JoJo out until the next part gets adapted.

That’s enough dwelling on the past. Let’s turn our attention to the near future with the new season of anime. It looks like a pretty good season of anime.

I don’t mind laughing at myself; so, instead of merely listing all the new series or just the series I’m interested in, I’m going to predict which new anime series will rank in my top 10 of the summer 2014 season and revisit this list when we get to end of the season. I’m going to attempt to get this list right and pat myself on the back for my prognostication skills but I suspect its going to be hilariously wrong.

So, coming in at number 1, the anime I think will be the best new anime of summer is …

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Having Fun at Anime News Network’s Expense

tghoulAnime News Network (ANN) is an invaluable resource for anime fans and a website I love and visit daily; there are, however, elements to it that could really stand improvement. Sometimes these parts make me want to pull my hair out in frustration and sometimes they make me laugh.

Today was a laughing day.

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