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Day 5 – O Glorious Animation – The 12 Days of Anime

I could entitle today’s entry as “Getting Buzzed on Anime: Part the Third” because this will be the third year in a row that I’ll make mention of what I feel is the year’s moment of best animation but I don’t want people to think I’m a lazy anime blogger. (Yes, I can just hear you, all five of you, if I really cared about that then I’d’ve written a few more posts this second half of the year 🙂 .) The first year saw a moment from Little Witch Academia picked and last year it was a fight scene from Yozakura Quartet – Tsuki ni Naku.

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Anime Quiz 13 Answers

Once more into the breach. I couldn’t really summon the energy to get this done early, hence the tardiness of this post. I’m glad for the time that’s being freed up – I want to focus on writing a look back at the winter season next week, for example – but I already miss doing these quizzes.

I’d drag my feet a little longer here, but, there’s a lot of ground to cover with these questions.

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Studio Ghibli is Already Dead

spirited_away_01The much talked recent comments by Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki caused a stir and it wasn’t hard to guess why. To fans of animation, Studio Ghibli is one of the standard bearers of the art form. To everyone else, Studio Ghibli is the only redeemable part of the whole tawdry anime genre that is otherwise solely devoted to nudity and violence. What most people seemed to miss is that Studio Ghibli has been effectively dead since Hayao Miyazaki retired because Studio Ghibli has almost always been merely a vehicle to produce Hayao Miyazaki movies.

So no matter what happens in the future – barring something along the lines of pulling a younger Hayao Miyazaki from an alternative timeline – Studio Ghibli is now a different beast that happens to share the same name and history of an earlier animation company. Kind of like how the new Cleveland Browns football team is technically a continuation of the earlier franchise when in reality the original franchise left the city and became the Baltimore Ravens.

Names have power, though, and keeping the Studio Ghibli name going is something I and many other people definitely want to see happen. Pursuant to that happening I have a few suggestions.

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Spring 2010 Anime Impressions – Heroman

Stan Lee has been responsible for a bevy of awesome superheroes and growing up I watched and liked the cartoon adaptations of his X-Men and Spiderman franchises. So, the fact that this anime is based on a comic that Stan Lee started serializing in the Japanese manga magazine Monthly Shounen Gangan was enough to make me interested and then I heard that Bones was doing the adaptation. This made it even more interesting to me because they’re one of the top animation studios in terms of quality animation and they are well acquainted with making an action anime series with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood being but the latest example. Did this fusion of trans-pacific talent yield a shining new hero, as I hope, or will Heroman turn out to be just a Loserman?

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Movie Review – Ponyo : Calling It Like It Is

I can still remember watching the trailer for Spirited Away and being completely blown away. It was my first time I heard of Studio Ghibli and the director Hayao Miyazaki and I desperately wanted to see Spirited Away in the theater. I got my chance a couple months later in a small theater that had seen much better days; I and my one sister had the theater to ourselves as Miyazaki dazzled us.

That little decrepit theater held on long enough that when Howl’s Moving Castle came out I was able to go see it there. This time I brought my whole family along since they’d all fallen for Miyazaki’s movies as well. It didn’t quite wow me as much as Spirited Away but it was still a very good movie. I can still remember how thrilled I was when I realized that my most favorite voice actor, Crispin Freeman, had a little role amidst all those well-known Hollywood actors.

I missed watching Ponyo in the theaters for a variety of reasons but I still wanted to see it when it came out on DVD. I finally got the chance a month ago and here’s my review.

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Anime Songs That Can Get Me To Shed Tears


You can thank Winamp and it’s non-random random shuffling for this post.

I have a super condensed anime music playlist that I like to listen to; it’s only 230 songs long and there’s a handful of songs on this list that when I’m in the right mood will get me to shed a tear. Last night I wasn’t much in the mood but out-of-the-blue Winamp starts playing every sad song on the list in a row and even repeating some more than once so now I’m in that mood.

It’s probably not a good idea to marathon a Key series right now so instead I’ll write this post. 🙂

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