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Macross – Series Review

The Macross franchise, like many other long running franchises (Lupin, Gundam, Doctor Who, etc.), can intimidate prospective viewers by their size and by the age of their earliest works. Last year’s Macross Δ appeared to be only loosely tied to it’s earlier works and offered new viewers the chance to sample the franchise. I decided to give the series a go and it turned out to be a pretty decent series. The references and the connections to the larger franchise went over my head, but, there was enough for a viewer like me to enjoy. So, with only a little more of a push, I recently decided to start from the beginning with the original Macross series titled Super Dimensional Fortress Macross or just Macross.

I found Macross to be a fascinating series to watch. Fascinating enough that I felt the need to write this review when it’s been about five years since I last wrote a proper series review post outside of my Secret Santa reviews.

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 7: A Wily Deception


One of the reasons that I think meta humor is as funny as it can be is because the creators are acknowledging the presence of the audience and of their intelligence when they use it. A non-anime example of the power of meta humor is the excellent book Redshirts by John Scalzi. He starts with the observation about the short lifespan of the bit part security officers (the Redshirts) from Star Trek and builds a funny and surprising deep novel. Speaking of Star Trek, as I’m writing this there’s speculation that the new villain in the second Star Trek movie will be a red shirt. I don’t see the creators tapping into that bit of meta humor but if they do, it would be awesome.

There are other ways to acknowledge the audience, however.

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Winter 2013 Anime Preview and Watch List

Remember when KyoAni’s Kanon looked good.

I think I can, I think I can. After a few misfires, for the first time since the Summer 2011 season, I’m finally back with a seasonal anime preview. 🙂 The purpose of this post has always been twofold. The first is for those reading this so that they might watch a series that might not otherwise. The second is for me because when I don’t make this post I always feel a little lost when the new season comes and I haven’t made any decisions on what to watch and what to definitely not watch.

The Fall season was a very strong season and many of these most excellent anime series are continuing into the Winter season so even if there was nothing new that will be good, there’s still plenty to watch; but, there’s going to be at least a few new hits. Read on to see my picks.

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 1: The Evolution of Love


If there’s one thing 2012 taught me in anime is that Mari Okada (writer) and Shouji Kawamori (director) and the animation studio Satelight need to work together more often. If I wanted to, I could let Aquarion Evol have all twelve days and I still wouldn’t cover all the memorable moments from it but that’s hardily fair to the other anime series. So, much like the problem of restricting one to choosing a mere twelve moments from twelve anime, I need to pick but one unforgettable moment from an anime overflowing with them.

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