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The Top 15 Anime of 2015

I feel that I’m somewhat late getting here but I have beaten the APR Top Anime of 2015 list so I can’t say that I’m late. 🙂 I’ll repeat what I said last year because it still holds: 2015 was a good year for anime. It’ll take several years to see how things settle out before one is able to compare it to earlier years but I think it’ll rank just fine in comparison.

I didn’t feel like splitting the countdown into two or three parts like I normally do, so, this post runs a bit long but it’s all here in one post.

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The Best Anime Of 2015 – Part 1: Cast and Character Awards

I do not write stories or create TV series. (I sometimes think I could become a SF writer and among the ideas I’ve had is one for a story that mirrors the recently airing Erased almost exactly except, instead of trying to stop a murder, the main character has to stop 9/11 from happening.) However, I imagine most anime series start out with characters and are fleshed out from there which is why I start here with these awards.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 11

Another sign that spring is on it’s way is this week marks the first anime I’m watching that will finish it’s run for this winter season. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has been airing since the fall season but it’s only been during this winter season, with the extra time for the story to gather up a head of steam and the reduced competition for my attention, that I’ve come to appreciate how good this anime has turned out to be. I think the anime community’s collective flip-out over the abusive mother at the start of the series also affected how I watched the series since I started focusing on the question of the mother’s behavior and not how the show was using this realistic character for it’s plot and storytelling.

Two cour is long enough that when I watched last week’s episode and the preview said this week’s episode was the last I was shocked that it’s that time again. It’s always a bit sad to have to start saying good-bye to all the good series that have been airing. The end of Shirobako is particularly going to be tough but I’m already telling myself that being the top selling series from fall with sales of over 10,000 per volume means that Shirobako 2 is a no-brainer.

Before I depress myself more here’s this weeks quiz of anime knowledge.

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Anime Quiz 9 Answers

I’ve fallen a bit behind on Yoru no Yatterman and Rolling Girls due to my preferred method of viewing – cough, cough, Cthuko, cough, Cthune, cough, cough – sorry, I seem to have gotten a frog stuck in my throat. So, I might be completely disproved at this point but I’m starting to think that the main characters of Rolling Girls might never get their stones of power because I feel the theme of this anime could be about the strength of normal people vs. that of “superheroes”. Which is an interesting way for this series to end up going, then again, if they received their stones in an episode or two I wouldn’t be surprised either. Whatever happens both Yoru no Yatterman and Rolling Girls have helped make this season a stronger one then I initially thought it would be.

Now, let’s find out the answers to this week’s quiz.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 8

I think I have a pretty typical knowledge and feel for classical music – i.e. very little – so it’s hard to judge the musical performances in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso beyond what the various characters communicate to the viewer. However, this week on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, episode 18, I was following along with the musical performance like normal when, all of the sudden, I started singing the words ‘Once upon a Dream’ from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty in time with the piano playing and then belatedly realized – hey, I know this song!. Finally, my meager knowledge of classical music came into play and I watched as a whole new avenue to appreciate and love Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso opened up. I didn’t have to be told it was an awesome performance; I knew it was an awesome performance and that was such a wonderful feeling. When they were done playing, I had to restrain myself because I almost jumped out of my seat to applaud loudly.

This series has been underappreciated from the start.

And speaking of under-appreciation, there’s a question on this week’s quiz that focuses on someone whose definitely underappreciated right now.

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