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Genshiken – A Secret Santa Series Review

My favorite annual anime blog tradition has now come back around in the Secret Santa Project that Reverse Thieves has hosted for almost a decade now. It’s a joy to discover a good series that I would have otherwise been passed over and it’s a joy to discover that the recipient of my picks enjoyed something I picked for them.

So far, my track record in receiving good picks has been very good. Will this year continue the string or did I receive a big lump of coal this year?

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The Anime Recap Episode – # 4: September 2017

September’s fading summer warmth is one my favorite times of the year. The cool nights are prime sleeping weather and the days are still warm enough to keep wearing shorts and t-shirts. It is also, incidentally, a good time to give my sinuses a break from all the stuff that the AC or heater like to kick up. This month also marks the last chance for the currently airing anime to grab our attention and hopefully stave off decent into the pit of oblivion that more than 90% percent of the anime will fall into – forgotten – as soon as the new season of anime starts up in October.

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Secret Santa Project Review – Memories


It feels like an age has passed since I’ve last written something here to justify the “and anime with a little written SF thrown in blogger” part of the mental description I have for myself. Actually, it has been an Age since I last wrote here – meaning – just a few months ago, in September, was a time when Hillary was going to be the next President and now we’re living in a decidedly different future age. And just think, 2017 could turn out to be even more absurd than 2016. Thank goodness there will be Natsume Yuujinchou season 6 to turn to when 2017 gets too crazy.

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Concerning the Lack of Updates

I’ve never gone this long without a post; so, at this point, I think this is owed to those people who come to The Null Set to read my ramblings. If you’re not interested in reading non-content stuff, the long and short of it is that I hope to get back to semi-regular anime with a little SF throw in posting.

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Secret Santa Project Review – Ef – A Tale of Memories

This is the fourth year I have participated in Reverse Thieves’ Secret Santa Project. The first two years I really hit the jackpot in recommendations – Noein, Figure 17, Simoun, Time of Eve, and Ghost Hound. Last year definitely was not a failure but I was less satisfied with my choices. In the end I watched and reviewed the first Break Blade movie. (When one watches all seven Break Blade movies, as I did over the winter season, it turns out to be a very solid series and I was glad to have watched it.) One of the reasons I was less than satisfied with my picks was because there was a recent anime among the three recommendations that I had passed over when it aired and I knew I would not enjoy it now. This cut my options by 1/3 so for this year I requested that no anime from the last 3 years be picked to recommend to me.

I felt bad demanding this but I decided my secret Santa would also want his/her recommendations to have the best chance of success. And I am pleased with the results. The three series I received are Ef – A Tale of Memories, Kare Kano, and Tytania. I am obviously reviewing Ef – A Tale of Memories now and I really wanted to get to a second series, Tytania, but have run out of time. I hope to get to Tytania soon and the weak winter season might just ensure that happening.

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Secret Santa Project Review – Break Blade Movie 1


With over 500 anime series and 200 other anime items watched, picking good anime that I haven’t seen for me for this Secret Santa Project is a tougher-then-average task if you’re not a super-completionist who’s gone back and watched everything or a longer term anime fan that can pick older titles that I’ve missed. (Especially given the restrictions on length of series.) So, it wasn’t a surprise when I received my Secret Santa recommendations back in November that I wasn’t floored by the three choices: Break Blade movie 1, Darker than Black S1, and Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?.

I had some passing familiarity with all three. Break Blade movie 1 was the first movie of a multi-movie project which probably meant I would need to watch all 7 for the story to be finished. Darker than Black came from Bones and, as I’ve said during my 12 Days of Christmas post, Bones and I have had rocky relationship. Without spoiling myself, which I didn’t want to do, I didn’t want to sink the time into something that would disappoint me at the end and I didn’t want to write a negative review for this project. The third choice, which must have some cute why to shorten the title, was a very recent show that did not interest me in the slightest when it aired and I didn’t remember reading anything that changed this opinion.

After giving it some thought I decided on Darker than Black with the other series as back-up if I had to bail on the first. Before I could implement this plan I had to go to the dentist to have a tooth pulled and 10 days later I had another tooth pulled. This meant November was filled with eating restrictions and pain and discomfort and, thanks to a certain duck, worrying about getting dry socket. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to give any of these three picks a fair shot, which was a problem because I always watch and write-up my secret Santa reviews in November.

Decembers are busy so Christmas got nearer and nearer and I still hadn’t found the chance to get to Darker than Black. Finally, a week before Christmas, I realized that if I didn’t watch Break Blade, I might not get anything watched before Christmas.

So, here we are.

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