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The Octave of Anime Christmas – Day 7: Rekindling An Interest

As I try to (belatedly) finish this look back to 2016 as it relates to anime, there was one area that saw a considerable increase of renewed interest on my part and I can’t rightly finish without mentioning it – even though there isn’t a single “moment” I can point to.

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Secret Santa Project Review – Memories


It feels like an age has passed since I’ve last written something here to justify the “and anime with a little written SF thrown in blogger” part of the mental description I have for myself. Actually, it has been an Age since I last wrote here – meaning – just a few months ago, in September, was a time when Hillary was going to be the next President and now we’re living in a decidedly different future age. And just think, 2017 could turn out to be even more absurd than 2016. Thank goodness there will be Natsume Yuujinchou season 6 to turn to when 2017 gets too crazy.

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Satoshi Kon

When my most favorite science fiction writer, Kage Baker, died earlier this year from cancer it felt like someone took a sledgehammer to my heart; I never had the chance to meet her or talk to her and only knew about her from her books and reading what other people who knew her said of her but I felt like a close family member had died. Being a blogger, I wanted to write a piece about my love of her books and the sorrow I felt and so I tried for several weeks to write something I felt worthy. I failed every time and as time slipped by I started thinking that it would be better not bringing the passing of Kage Baker back up so I let it slide. Which I regret doing, in hindsight.

I mention this because I found myself doing the same thing since the passing of my most favorite director (not just anime), Satoshi Kon, and I didn’t want to lose this opportunity to say how much I’ll miss Satoshi Kon. Even if what I write feels inadequate to me.

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