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Aldnoah.Zero – Yes, it is Possible to Get Shot in the Head and Live

I’m loathe to write this because Aldnoah.Zero is not without it’s problems and I hardily want it to look like I’m going to blindly stick up for this show; however, the fever-pitched frothing at Inaho’s return needs to be addressed.

Yes, it is possible to get shot in the head and live.

In much less time it would take to communicate one’s outrage over the sheer “impossibility” of Inaho’s return and how this is proof of the poor writing on the part of Aldnoah.Zero, it’s possible to use the internet to actually figure out the chances of Inaho’s survival.

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Sword Art Online is Annoyingly Bad

That Sword Art Online is annoying bad is, by no means, a recent realization on my part. I went into this second season fully expecting it to be. What does continue to surprise me is how well Sword Art Online can constantly find new ways to convince me that it is so annoying bad.

The recently aired episode 11 of the second season is hardily that different in this regard. I could point out several of the small to medium irking facets of the type common to each episode of Sword Art Online. However, there was a big whopper in this episode that I couldn’t pass over without comment.

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The 2008 Year in Anime by the Numbers and Breaking Down Why It’s Hard To Be a Fan of Anime Without Resorting to Fansubs

Bamboo Blade

One of the great resources in anime fandom of late has been this guy. His charts have become almost indispensable when trying to figure out what to watch in the upcoming anime seasons. Recently, he’s started to compile these charts for previous years and the information that can be gleaned from these charts are extremely interesting and a real eye opener.

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So How Weak is the Fall Anime Season?


Sure it’s easy to say this is a weak fall season of anime but how do you quantify it?

I could say that as of right now, I’ve seen only 2 shows that are good enough that I would consider placing them on my fall seasonal top anime list when it gets compiled in the future. Which is true, however this doesn’t really enumerate the problem well enough so instead I’ll make the following comparison:

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Anime Needs To Have More Mature Characters



This thought came to me as I pondered how to improve the currently airing Kanamemo. I realized that the structure of the story – the female main character, upon the death of her grandma who doubled as the parental figure, goes off and without meaning to, ends up working as an apprentice in a business – almost exactly matches the recently completed Ristorante Paradiso. That show was one of my favorites of the Spring season but Kanamemo got dropped for being so lousy. So what’s the difference that caused the disparity between the two?

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Rant: Gurren Lagann on SciFi Channel and Tokyopop

Don’t worry, this isn’t a dub-rant.

Sci-fi Channel

This past Monday the SciFi channel finished up Gurren Lagann by showing the last 3 episodes. I thought the dub was a pretty good dub; some characters like Leeron where better and some like Kamina where worse but overall you can tell they tried. My problem, instead, was that episode 26 had 1.5 – 2 minutes worth of material edited out when it was broadcasted. This made one of most important parts of the show nearly incomprehensible to first-time viewers. I realize American tv has more commercials then their Japanese counterparts but if they weren’t going to be able to fit everything in they should have forgone the opening song instead. That’s a fairly standard thing to do, especially during important episodes and should have been thought of. Makes you wonder if the people in charge, actually care about the show or about convincing people to buy the DVDs.


My little brother wanted to know when the next volume of Kingdom Hearts manga was coming out so I head on over to the tokyopop website to find out. I eventually found the answer was December 30 but tokyopop did there best so I couldn’t figure that out. The site as a whole makes my 6.0 Mbps DSL look like dial-up, I can’t imagine how slow this site would be if I actually still had dial-up. Time-warping my internet experience back a decade wouldn’t have been such a problem if when I searched for kingdom hearts I could find the relevant page quickly but nothing in the search results helped. I then thought to browse by series but for some reason tokyopop thought it was a good idea to list every single volume of a series, instead of listing the series themselves – so there was dozens of slow-loading pages to thumb through. Not wanting to do this, I tried to find if they had a release calendar for the future and was able to find their release calendar for may-oct 2008. This was useless for what I wanted and rather pointless – if a title is already out, why do I care when it was released? Finally, I tried to search their store and was able to find the volume in question. I think, all told, I spent 20 minutes trying to find this information. They really should take the time to think about the actual customer when designing a website.