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Spring 2010 Anime Impressions – Arakawa Under the Bridge

The next anime in the spotlight comes from one of the hardest working directors in anime today, Akiyuki Shinbou, and his cohorts-in-crime, Shaft animation studio. Since coming off last summer’s monster hit, Bakemonogatari, anime fans have been eagerly waiting for the next big thing from the Shinbou/Shaft team. Which leads us to the $64,000 dollar question; is Arakawa Under the Bridge the next hit or the next miss from Shinbou/Shaft?

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Fall Anime Wallpapers (Kobato, Sasameki Koto, Kimi ni Todoke, Natsu no Arashi)


The wallpaper making bug bite me again (writing series impressions of mediocre shows is so much fun 😉 ). For awhile I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to make wallpapers out of screen shots that could be used at all three sizes that I make wallpapers for and I think I hit upon a simple yet nice design. I hope you like them and I might have more wallpapers for other shows in the near future.

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Fall 2009 Anime Impressions – Natsu no Arashi! Season 2


The best place to start my fall season anime impressions is with the best new show of the season – Natsu no Arashi! Season 2. Of course there’s still a few series I need to get to; for example, I’d really like to pick up Aoi Bungaku but with the previous great but strange Madhouse show – Mouryou no Hako – still not completely subbed a year later, I don’t want to get attached to a show that I’m not going to be able to finish.

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Fall 2009 Anime Preview and Watchlist


With the fall season starting in a couple of weeks, I figured it was about time for me to get this done. 🙂

Two things happened that delayed this post. The first was that I formed the opinion that there wasn’t much to look forward to in this season and, as a result, I didn’t feel excited enough to want to do this post. I still think this is probably the weakest looking season in at least a year but I also think there’s at least a few good shows. The other thing that delayed this post was that I became addicted to playing a video game – Europa Univeralis 3 – but after playing it for well over a week, I’ve started to burn the game interface onto my computer monitor (something I’ve been told is impossible to do) and I figured I need to get back to my neglected blog. By reading this, you can be assured that I finished writing this post but even right now, I really want to pick up where I left off with my game which was having the Polish empire kick the Mamluks out of the Mid-East.

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Top Seven Anime of the Spring 2009 Season


The final part of my look at the best of the spring season is the countdown of the best titles of the season. This is always a difficult process since I enjoy so many different types of shows and there’s no clear-cut way of comparing a slice-of-life show to a shounen action show to a thought provoking SF drama set in the near future. But it’s also fun because it helps me focus on exactly why I like certain shows.

For the spring season I discovered that I had four shows that where the cream of the crop and that made it especially hard to order them. So even though a show at only number 3 or 4 might imply there’s a significant difference between them and the top ranked show there really wasn’t this time. And I stopped the list at 6 7 shows because these where the only shows that I felt deserved special recognition. I dislike when a system is in place that unduly rewards people or groups that don’t really deserve it (like the NFL playoff system – plenty of teams make it that shouldn’t). For those curious, the next two spots would probably have gone to Sengoku Basara and K-ON! . Watching the final two episodes of Sengoku Basara made it clear that it would be unfair to leave it off so I expanded my top shows from six to seven.

And with that, let’s head to the countdown.

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Top Picks – Spring 2009 Anime, Part 1: Cast and Character Awards


With the spring season winding down, it’s time to look back and reflect upon the great moments of the season.

Back at the beginning, I thought this was going to be a very weak overall season with only a few noteworthy series but it turned out to be a much stronger season. To help reach that point it took a few unconventional shows which reinforced my belief that a show shouldn’t be judged before watching it. I’d’ve missed good shows if I let generalities dictate what I watch. Even so, this season new shows were light in the comedy and slice-of-life genres and heavy with the medieval-esque fantasy setting. Next season seems to contain more shows of the comedy and slice-of-life feel so I’ll probably be complaining about something else next time.

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