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Top 6 Anime of Summer 2017

One of these times a seemingly weak anime season will actually be as bad as it looked going in. I thought the streak might end with the Summer 2017 season; however, once again, I missed several quality series in my initial estimation and this season turned out to be a pretty decent one. It was far from being one of the best but it also was far from being the worst. Of the fifteen series that I watched this season, six were good enough to warrant inclusion on a best of season list. How did your favorites fair? Read on to find out.

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The Octave of Anime Christmas – Day 3: The Eagle Has Landed

Even with my opinion of Bones thawing into something resembling positivity, I almost passed up My Hero Academia aka Boku no Hero Academia because it reminded me too much of Heroman. (I’m sorry if that name just made your gorge rise and doubly sorry if you had just been eating as you read that name.)

I don’t remember when I consciously decided to give My Hero Academia a chance; though, I have a feeling seeing the character designs mightily helped it’s cause.

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