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The Anime Recap Episode – # 2: July 2017

My new feature series where I look back at the anime I watched in the prior month is now in it’s second month. Yay! I’m just as surprised as you are I was able to finish a second post; I even waited until I wrote the whole thing before I came back to write this introduction. I didn’t want to jinks myself.

This month saw a changing of the seasons. Will this new season of anime be as lush in quality to match the lush outdoors during summer?

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The Anime Recap Episode – # 1: June 2017

“It lives and it’s starting a new monthly feature?! Impossible! I thought this blog had already died or given a wedgie and stuffed inside a locker at a magical high school or something,” is what I imagine is being thought by whoever is reading this right now. I know it’s what I’m thinking. As for an explanation of the mundane minutiae to where I’ve been, I’ll stick that at the end of this article; instead, let’s jump into what I hope to accomplish with new feature of The Null Set.

Over the last decade my anime viewing habits have slowly drifted away from the slavish week-to-week new episode watching pattern that provided the material needed to write a weekly recap article. Currently, the really good shows still get watched as soon as possible and the rest have shifted to an irregular pattern of filling in the time when I feel like watching some anime. That means some shows get 3 or 4 episodes piled up before I get to them now.

In hindsight, I should have switched to a monthly recap format but that obvious conclusion eluded me for the last several years.

So, what can one expect to find inside The Anime Recap Episode?

While I’m not going to cover everything I watched, I want each post to do a good job capturing the good and the bad of what anime I did watch – new and old – from the past month. I’m going to try to steer clear of writing here in formats that I already write in elsewhere: first impressions, mid-season report, season and series review. After all, I want these recap episodes to contain new content and not merely repeat already written material. If that leaves me with enough to write about is something we’ll have to see. I want to also cover what I’m looking forward to in the next month and then cover how my last month’s anticipated anime turned out. There’ll be other bits included, I’m sure, as the inspiration hits.

And with that navel grazing done, let’s get on with it.

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When Two Anime Converge Unexpectantly

I finally got around to watching Blue Literature (Aoi Bungaku) once a group I could trust (or mostly trust) got to fansubbing it. The reason I waited was because after the non-subbing of Mouryou no Hako – last year’s fall season high quality Madhouse series – I wasn’t going to get attached to a show unless I felt that I’d be able to finish the series. Seriously, could someone finish subbing Mouryou no Hako already.

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The 2008 Year in Anime by the Numbers and Breaking Down Why It’s Hard To Be a Fan of Anime Without Resorting to Fansubs

Bamboo Blade

One of the great resources in anime fandom of late has been this guy. His charts have become almost indispensable when trying to figure out what to watch in the upcoming anime seasons. Recently, he’s started to compile these charts for previous years and the information that can be gleaned from these charts are extremely interesting and a real eye opener.

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Top Picks – Fall 2008 Anime, Part 2


Pushing this back a couple of days changed a couple of the winners and caused a few more categories to be added included one award that is my first award named after an anime – The Gurren Lagann Memorial Body-Count Award. I thought it was appropriate and I did make a comment a few weeks ago essentially promising to make this category.

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Weekly Anime Review (Oct 26 – Nov 1)


I think one of the great things about watching anime is that each season offers different types of shows. I am, personally, surprised by many of the shows that are my favorites of the season. Which just strengthens my conviction that it’s important to keep an open mind when trying to pick anime to watch.

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