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Anime Quiz 10 Answers

I did something that I hadn’t done in awhile – marathon an anime series. The anime in question – Kaitou Joker – was recommended in a comment by Jim D. and I decided to give it a try. It aired during the Fall 2014 season and was almost completely overlooked because it was a kid’s show and the animation was handled by Shin-Ei Animation, who also animated Tonari no Seki-kun, and the quality was on the same level – merely adequate. Why watch it then? The guy handling the screenplay and series composition to Kaitou Joker was Dai Saito. That name should ring a bell; he’s written for a number of well-known anime series including Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Samurai Champloo, and Eureka Seven. Is Kaitou Joker in the same league as though anime? No, but the story to Kaitou Joker kept surprising me with how well done it was and how well thought out it was.

Kaitou Joker can be summed up as saying it’s like Lupin the Third minus the fan service plus a professional thief rivalry with a childhood friend and the attention of a evil villain who wouldn’t mind killing Joker while going about his evil plan. However, that sells the series a bit short because it tackles stories that one never sees in Lupin. One example is Joker planned to steel a treasure that was on display in a high-rise building but the building caught fire while he was in it and the episode became about how Joker was going to get a group of stranded people safely out of the building.

A second season comes out this spring 2015 season and I’ll definitely be watching it.

Now, on to this week’s answers.

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Anime Quiz 8 Answers


If your reading this then you might realize that I’m a bit late on this post 🙂 . A couple self-imposed deadlines aren’t going to get made (I wanted to have my 2014 year in review posts done before March, for one) but that’s okay because this February is just about done and I’ve gotten through the month better then I have been because of all the writing I’ve been making myself do.

I hate February for all the normal I’m sick of winter reasons – this year’s February will easily be the coldest in over 117 years, since before records were kept in my hometown, and be the third snowiest on record. But I also hate it because both of my grandparents on my mother’s side died this month and I will always remember how every February of the 15 years my grandma lived after my grandfather would see her health fall apart and she’d barely make it to March but when she did, she’d perk right up; it was like the month of February stalked her like a predator to prey.

Okay, I’m starting to depress myself. Here’s the answers to this week’s quiz questions.

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The Best Anime of 2007

No, I haven’t made a typo nor have I accidentally republished a 7 year post nor have you fallen through a rip in the space-time fabric to the date December 31, 2007 and will use your foreknowledge to become the number 1 anime blogger in the world because you will know which shows to cover and when to start the best anime memes.

In the rush to finish my 12 Days of Anime Christmas and my Secret Santa Anime Review and still celebrate the season, I trimmed my anime posts down a bit. One item in my Ef – A Tale of Memories review that I wanted to talk about was how I would rank it if I’d’ve watched it back in 2007 when it originally aired. Now that Christmas is over and some energy is returning to these bones – not that I’m complaining, everything went lovely and it was the first time since 2001 that my entire immediate family, parents and siblings, were together for Christmas dinner – I can.

(The above featured image is a screenshot of my MALgraph which is one of the coolest things about MAL and still not incorporated into the website.)

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Summer Anime Pickups – Sabagebu!: First Impressions

[Anime-Koi] Sabagebu! - 01v2 [h264-720p][86C2BC49].mkv_snapshot_09.48_[2014.07.31_00.51.39]The fourth and final anime series that I found myself picking up this season is the comedy series Sabagebu!. I was extremely leery of picking up another cute girls playing Airsoft anime after Gainax’s C3 Club crashed and burned. (Thus furthering the idea that Gainax is now a walking zombie, a cruel parody of what it used to be.) And I wouldn’t have except for this one weird fact I learned about Sabagebu!.

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Winter 2013 Mid-Season Anime Report: Part 2


Two carryover series that kinda surprised me are Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. I was positive that Ixion Saga: DT had wrung out all the possible comedy to the show during the Fall season and I had all but consigned the series to my dropped series list when it found a secret stash or something and improved enough that I know I’m going to finish watching the series. The other, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, had moments of greatness interspaced between the meh during the Fall season. It was a real uneven rollercoaster that I was expecting to see fall apart during the second half but it too suddenly improved. It’s problems got smoothed out, the pacing became perfect and the storytelling was (is) almost constantly great.

And two more carryover series – Space Brothers and Hunter x Hunter – have been given the go ahead to carry on past this season so I can’t bemoan their impending ends (yet).

I don’t want to turn myself into a liar therefore I won’t cover anymore of the carryover series and will move on now.

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My Top 10 Anime of All-Time – #5 to #1

A hint about my top pick, and no, it's not as simple as it seems.

I was not planning on taking this long to finish this part of my top 10 anime but as I tried to write something for each anime, I found it increasingly difficult to do so. Some of the anime on this part I could write thousands of words about and still not get everything said I want to say about them which made writing only a paragraph or two about them extremely challenging. I finally finished, though, and present the second half of my top 10 anime of all-time now.

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