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Anime Quiz 11 Answers

What does it say about me as an anime fan that I remember being excited when KyoAni’s Kanon came out because of how good it looked and now, when I look at it, I think about how dated it looks? Probably volumes and in ways I couldn’t even fathom myself.

The limited slice of this question I’ve been pondering is how fans of anime for a longer period of me (~13 years) handle this slow shift of style over such a greater degree of change – many I think don’t, having been imprinted on an earlier style, and either stop watching the newer stuff or complain about the new airing anime loudly – is it something that’s only noticeable when looking back at older, watched, anime or is it a sudden and jarring thing that takes a conscious decision to embrace time and again.

I’m curious to know, though, I guess if I’m patient I can find the answer out myself over the next decade or two. 🙂

Enough introspection, introspection is apparently nowadays a bad thing, so let’s hit the streets and make a mess with the answers to this week’s quiz.

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The Top 15 Anime of 2014 – #15 to #11

Yes, the top fifteen. I’m not trying to be 50% better then those top 10 countdowns 😉 . The idea for this countdown is that it contains all the series of merit from the past year that finished or aired enough episodes that I feel confident about including it here and is planned to be a longer running series. That means the exact number will fluctuate between years and is influenced by the diversity of shows I end up watching. The only hard and fast rule for the number of series included, beyond needing to be an anime of merit, is to have no more then 25% of the shows I’ve finished listed. The only way that there’d be a need to list more then 25% is if I’ve gone soft in my judging and this is a check against that. For this year, I finished 76 series so the list can contain a maximum of 19 series.

Before we get to that top 15, there’s two more awards to give out.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 4

Continuing my look at the new winter season of anime as a means to fill this introductory paragraph up before turning to this week’s quiz is Koufuku Graffiti (Gourmet Girl Graffiti). Both Shaft and Mari Okada have had a tough time of it lately. Last year Shaft missed really hard with both of their new series – Nisekoi and Mekaku City Actors – and it was only the continued fascination of the Monogatari franchise that saved them from a completely disastrous year. Mari Okada wrote one of the worst anime of 2014: M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane. It was so bad, so below her ability, that I almost believe she did it on purpose so she could get a break from writing science fiction anime for awhile. The other series she did the writing for – Selector Infected Wixoss Parts 1 and 2 – was better but still a long ways away from being a “good” anime. This is all preface to say that, for an anime that proudly sold itself as cute girls eating suggestively, Koufuku Graffiti appears to be a return to form of old Shaft quality slice-of-life with Mari Okada providing solid, quality writing. Three episodes in and I’m starting to be cautiously optimistic about this series.

Introductory paragraph filled 😉 , let’s move to this week’s anime quiz.

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Final Impressions of the Spring 2014 Anime Season, Part 4 of 4

[Commie] Ping Pong - 11 [CD248944].mkv_snapshot_15.25_[2014.06.26_03.09.17]

If you’ve been keeping track of where the already covered anime series have placed then you’ve noticed that none of the top anime series have been covered. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Now, if you’ve realized that this season’s last place anime hasn’t been covered as well then you deserve a gold star and feel free to head down to the nearest office supply store and buy one, just one. So, here’s the best and worst of the Spring 2014 anime season.

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Summer 2014 Anime Season Preview


The spring season is thankfully almost over. I’m not calling it the worst season in recent memory but I do know I routinely had trouble finding worthy series to fill all 5 spots on my weekly Anime Power Ranking ballot for the first time ever, even with watching more then 20 airing series. The biggest disappointment of the season has been JoJo. I appreciate a manga author taking risks by shifting time periods and main characters and powers like Hirohiko Araki has done with JoJo; however, Japanese Jojo and company (not including grandpa Jojo) are the weakest and blandest cast of the franchise and the bad guy of the week format does not allow any of the villains to really become memorable. I’m only going to continue watching because grandpa Jojo is still around; if something happens to him then I think I’m going to sit JoJo out until the next part gets adapted.

That’s enough dwelling on the past. Let’s turn our attention to the near future with the new season of anime. It looks like a pretty good season of anime.

I don’t mind laughing at myself; so, instead of merely listing all the new series or just the series I’m interested in, I’m going to predict which new anime series will rank in my top 10 of the summer 2014 season and revisit this list when we get to end of the season. I’m going to attempt to get this list right and pat myself on the back for my prognostication skills but I suspect its going to be hilariously wrong.

So, coming in at number 1, the anime I think will be the best new anime of summer is …

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 4: That Final Musical Montage


It has been said by the esteemed Baka-Raptor that JC Staff has a talent for fading in it’s ending songs into the anime itself for maximum emotional impact. I would have to agree. I think this might be JC Staff’s only real talent, but that’s a discussion for another day 🙂 .

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