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Anime Quiz 6 Answers

I’ve almost completely gone through the new books I got for Christmas already and started casting around for something new to read. (I’m holding off on The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu [himself, one of my favorite new authors] because I want lessen the time I have to wait for the sequel to come out, if only a little bit.) I remembered npr did a top 100 science fiction and fantasy of all time vote/poll list that yielded a very respectable list so I started at the top and decided to read the first one that I hadn’t read and tugged at me to read. I got down to number 11 and saw The Princess Bride and knew I had my next book.

I probably shouldn’t have waited so long to read the book since I love the movie of The Princess Bride to the point that I believe that the people who don’t probably aren’t humans and are probably pod people scheming on taking over the world.

Reading the book lasted all of two days because I just couldn’t put it down. (I was up to 6 AM last night in a mad dash to finish.) There’s parts of it that are different enough that I think everyone who liked the movie should read the book. However, the spirit of what made The Princess Bride exceptional shines just as clearly in the book as it does the movie so there’s no worry about the book disappointing after watching the movie. It’s easily understandable to see why the book finished at number 11.

Anyways, here’s the answers to this week’s anime quiz.

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The Best Anime of 2007

No, I haven’t made a typo nor have I accidentally republished a 7 year post nor have you fallen through a rip in the space-time fabric to the date December 31, 2007 and will use your foreknowledge to become the number 1 anime blogger in the world because you will know which shows to cover and when to start the best anime memes.

In the rush to finish my 12 Days of Anime Christmas and my Secret Santa Anime Review and still celebrate the season, I trimmed my anime posts down a bit. One item in my Ef – A Tale of Memories review that I wanted to talk about was how I would rank it if I’d’ve watched it back in 2007 when it originally aired. Now that Christmas is over and some energy is returning to these bones – not that I’m complaining, everything went lovely and it was the first time since 2001 that my entire immediate family, parents and siblings, were together for Christmas dinner – I can.

(The above featured image is a screenshot of my MALgraph which is one of the coolest things about MAL and still not incorporated into the website.)

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2007 Anime Awards (6-10)


Time for my 2007 anime awards. I felt 2007 was a fairly strong year for anime – though not being a devoted fan for years and years it’s really hard to gauge this. These awards will go to series I have actually watched and (mostly) finished so some series I meant to watch like Hidamari Sketch / Code Geass and ones I meant to finish like Seto no Hanayome / Higurashi 2 won’t be showing up on my countdown. The write ups may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

First up is my top 10 list starting at 10:

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