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The Disappointment of Re:Creators

I will not rage.

After 20 episodes I realized that Re:Creators was somehow going to find a way to under-perform even the meager expectations I had about it’s telegraphed ending. I can’t pretend I was shocked, surprised, or even offended about how poorly executed the creators of Re:Creators resolved the central conflict of the series in episode 21. In fact, the only feeling of surprise I had while slogging through episode 21 was finding out how little I actually cared about how the show was going to resolve itself; I thought I was more invested in this show than I turned out to be.

Then again, maybe if all the likable characters weren’t killed or completely sidelined from the show, I might have cared enough about Re:Creators to feel the need to rage about this ending. Instead, I feel disappointed that not even a decent ending could have been salvaged from this show.

So, I will not rage. I will, however, lay out some of the reasons why Re:Creators was a disappointment.

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Day 11 – Surprise! – The 12 Days of Anime

Once a show has been on the air for awhile it is often possible to accurately gauge the future quality and what the show’s return on time invested by the viewer will be to a very narrow degree. This applies to very great series, very bad series, and everything in-between.

(For me, if it feels like a series could maybe, potentially get better in the future – above the level it’s currently at – then I will often stick with it to see if this potential is realized. This accounts for probably most of the bad series that I actually finish.)

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The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 7: Self-Inserting Oneself Into Anime

At some point when I was a teenager the admonishment – to understand other people we need to walk a mile in their shoes – struck me as very smart advice and since then I have attempted to do just that. This eventually began to apply to the characters in the shows and movies I watched and by the time I became an anime fan doing so was second nature to me. And not just the character that is written as the one the viewer is supposed to relate to but pretty much every character with a non-insignificant amount of screen time.

Shows such as Sword Art Online really run afoul to me because of this because in shows of this level only the main character is allowed to be any good and when I try to walk a mile in any of the other’s characters shoes it’s a deeply frustrating experience. (On this point alone is the only evidence needed to see why Log Horizon is the superior series.)

Naturally, there are characters that are easier to inhabit and they are normally the ones that share some characteristic with me. In the anime Yuki Yuna is a Hero (Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru) I most often feel a natural affinity to Yuki Yuna because of her stubborn desire to do what is right and be a hero. (Not that I’ve ever been asked to go to the lengths she has; but, I hope if I ever am, I can do it with as much bravery as she’s shown.)

For episode 9 I found myself drawn to another character.

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