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The Bitter Taste Left by the Second Season of Food Wars!

There were only a few anime series that I was able to watch this Summer season. That one of them was Food Wars! The Second Plate (Shokugeki no Souma 2nd Season) should be of little surprise, since, the first season ranked at #7 in my top 15 anime for 2015 post. That the second season is the favorite to win the title as most disappointing anime of 2016 shouldn’t be a surprise, at least, to anyone who watched both series.

In hindsight, I should have seen this coming.

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Majimoji Rurumo ep. 6 – *Dropped*

I am not pleased. Majimoji Rurumo no longer deserves its own screenshots.

Normally, I’d leave discussing why I dropped a series for the mid-season post or season review post because, much like a child, one shouldn’t reinforce bad behavior by drawing attention to it. However, episode 6 of Majimoji Rurumo really got my blood boiling and I’m not going to be satisfied with just burying it amongst all the praise I’ll have for other series like Sabagebu! and Barakamon at a later point; so, here we are.

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This Season’s Biggest Self-Declared Failure

Surprisingly, it’s not this show.

Implicitly stated at the start of any show, anime or otherwise, is a promise of some sort to the viewers about what they can expect to see accomplished by the show. It might be a spectacular CG explosion, an opening monologue by one of the main characters, or an opening theme song with a montage of the various characters of the show doing a variety of things but, whatever it is, it’s there.  If the viewer is amicable towards this promise then, chances are, the viewer will decide to continue watching the show with this promise morphing into what’s expected of the show.

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