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The Anime Recap Episode – # 6: January 2018

New year, new season of anime, and a new group of finished series that people will either quickly forget having existed (Juuni Taisen) or will be relieved are finally done (Children of the Whales) so they can finish wasting their time waiting for these series to “get good” or were part of the select few that were good enough people will spend the upcoming months/years hoping for a sequel to be made (Houseki no Kuni). I hope to get to a proper look back at the best anime of 2017 soon; for today, we are focusing on the new anime that began airing for the Winter 2018 season.

Traditionally, the winter and summer seasons are considered the weaker seasons of the year with winter being the weakest overall. Outside of a couple obvious must-watch series it looked like the Winter 2018 season was going to follow the narrative and I would be able to do some catching up on my anime backlog. Then, as it has often occurred in the past, when I started watching the series I thought I would be able to write off, I discovered many of these series could not be so easily dismissed.

I don’t think I’ll find the time this season to tackle my anime backlog and I have the feeling that I still am missing a series from this season I should be watching. So, instead of asking the people reading this to recommend an old show, I’ll be asking which series I should be watching this season. Read on to see which three series the potential pick-ups.

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Anime Quiz 13 Answers

Once more into the breach. I couldn’t really summon the energy to get this done early, hence the tardiness of this post. I’m glad for the time that’s being freed up – I want to focus on writing a look back at the winter season next week, for example – but I already miss doing these quizzes.

I’d drag my feet a little longer here, but, there’s a lot of ground to cover with these questions.

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Top Picks for the Summer 2012 Anime Season – Part 3 of 3: The Top 8 Series

Like a thief in the night, I come

Part 3 and we’re reached the summer of the summer season; the series that burned the brightest. Up until now there hasn’t been too many awards given or series that are ones that have carried over from a previous season but this part has plenty of both.

Before I get to the top 8 series there’s one award that I traditionally give out that doesn’t fit well in this format – it is Top Animation Studio – because it is normally earned across multiple anime series. Therefore I’m going to award it now; winning the award for Top Animation Studio is Sunrise for animating Binbou-gami ga!, Accel World, Phi Brain Season 2, and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2. Of the animation studios that put out multiple series this season, the quality of Sunrise’s series were consistently the highest and even series that didn’t rank all that highly, like Phi Brain and Horizon, were a fun watch that never felt like a waste of time to watch.

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Halloween’s Coming So Here’s an Anime Series Review for Thriller Restaurant

Whatever font that I get the juice to blog about anime has been running a bit dry of late. I’ve still been watching a ton of currently airing anime but, for whatever reason, it hasn’t been translating into getting anything written. On the other hand, I recently finished a slightly older series called Thriller Restaurant (Kaidan Restaurant) and I enjoyed this fun, little anime series too much to pass up the chance to talk about it. So, I’m going to dust off my series review template and do a proper anime series review post for Thriller Restaurant.

And with Halloween coming, it might be just the anime series one needs to get into the spirit of the season.

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