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The Null Set Is 4 Years Old Today

After almost 2 years of kicking around the idea of starting an anime blog I decided four years ago today to see if I could write an anime blog and keep up with it. I guess the answer was – yes I could. (With the caveat that my writing style never developed into something that I liked and I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to 🙂 .)

Looking over my previous anniversary posts I noticed that they get shorter each year and this trend will probably continue this year though I might start showing my age by reminiscing about the good old days …

… Thinking back, it was a strange decision to make about starting a blog. I was always more math/science attuned and find organizing my thoughts into something coherent on paper a very difficult task. For example, that comment I left in the previous post took me almost two hours to write. Also, during the anime season that I started blogging, Winter 2008, I was feeling burned out over anime and was only watching one series. Why this was a good time to start blogging about anime is beyond me now. …

Sorry about that; reaching four years isn’t even that old compared to many blogs out there. 🙂

Before I lose anymore eyeballs to my meandering thoughts, I want to wholeheartedly thank the people who continue to read and comment on my little blog.

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