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Anime Quiz 4 Answers

One contribution I do (with my limited skills) for my family’s Christmas cookie baking is to get the walnuts ground up. To do so I first have to separate the bad walnuts out from the good and I try to do so as accurately as possible because I don’t want to throw out good walnuts nor let bad walnuts through. To check my accuracy I’ll eat some of the ones I decided were bad to see if they were in fact bad. Over the years I’ve gotten really good at getting this right and that means I’ve eaten plenty of bitter walnuts without finding a good one I erroneously separated out.

I’m reminded of this as I look over this winter season of anime. After separating out the series I thought would be poor, I gave several a taste test to see if I was right or not. (I dislike the idea of missing a potentially decent or good anime.) This season, I was dead on and now I have that metaphorical bitter taste on my tongue from all the series I’ve had to drop this season – eight – which is much higher then the normal 2 – 3 series per season. And there’s a couple more series I’m on the verge of dropping.

At least that gives me time to do these anime quizzes. Speaking of, here’s the answers to this week’s quiz.

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Secret Santa Project – Figure 17 Review

In spite of only needing to watch and review a single title for the Secret Santa Project, the chance of discovering excellence a second time after Noein convinced me to squeeze a second series in. I chose Noein because it’s staff later did one of my favorite anime, Birdy the Mighty Decode, but I lacked such a clear indicator for the second choice. On one hand I had an anime called Figure 17 – which I’ve never heard of – and on the other was an anime called Simoun – which I remember hearing some positive buzz for. I decided that picking Simoun wasn’t in the spirit of the Secret Santa Project and went with the older and unknown Figure 17 as my second pick.

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