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Merry Christmas In February (2013)


Long time readers of The Null Set will probably remember that at some point in February I make a post wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in February and today is that day for 2013. Merry Christmas in February! Now, may spring be on it’s way now.

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The Best Anime Of 2012 – Part 0: Introduction and the Anti-Awards


We had another marvelous year of anime this year; while it lacked the mega-series that 2011 had in form of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate, it more then made up by having a large number of very good anime series. Even with stretching my top anime countdown to include 15 anime series that I feel are the most noteworthy and highest quality, I’m leaving out so many other series that deserve praise that it’s almost depressing.

The lack of monster hits along with a large pool of quality titles also made picking the various winners more difficult then in 2011 were PM3 and S;G probably earned over half the awards by themselves. Thus, I needed more time to finish this look back at 2012 but I had a lot of fun going through the various series to refresh my memory. I also added a few new categories, so, look for those.

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Top Picks – Spring 2012 Anime, Part 2

from Eureka Seven AO

Things have been a bit slow around here at The Null Set in part because the computer I use to write these posts out on has been acting up and, while I wait for it’s diagnosis/recovery, I’ve taken up good ol’ pen and paper to write this series of posts about the best of the spring season. It’s been well over a decade since I’ve composed anything on paper and my brain seems to have rusted in certain areas which made writing on paper difficult at first. Slowly, though, I re-got the hang of it and I found myself writing more than I’d initially intended. I think I might continue writing on paper first, even when my computer is back to 100%, to see if it makes a positive impact on my writing.

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Top Picks – Spring 2012 Anime, Part 1

from Space Brothers

In the past I would lament, during a weak anime season, about the inability  to blog about anime when the anime would only inspire lukewarm apathy. This spring season of anime has taught me another way to lament; when a season is as strong as this one and spreads this strength out over the week as well as this season has then it becomes near impossible to find the time to write anything because there is always good anime waiting to be watched – tempting one to put down the pen. And, when it’s a question of watching anime or writing about anime, the answer is pretty clear; so, we’ve reached the start of the next anime season and I now look to rectify some of my silence about the springseason before our collective amnesia sets in too much.

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Spring 2012 Anime First Impressions – Part 1

No matter how strong or weak a season of anime appears to be at the onset, one can always count on at least a couple of gems each season. As a result, I’m not at all surprised that, once again, the makers of anime continue to defy their prophesied doom by creating several series that are well on their way to excellence. What does astound me is the width and depth of quality displayed by this season’s roster of anime series. I could trim out the four best series (so far) and this season would still be a very strong one. In fact, it would take trimming out 7, maybe 8, of the best series before this season would look merely decent with the resulting group of series. I can’t remember another season this strong in the last 6+ years that I’ve been following new anime by the season.

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