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The Top 15 Anime of 2014 – #10 to #1

2014 was a good year for anime. It’ll take several years to see how things settle out before one is able to compare it to earlier years but I think it’ll rank just fine in comparison. The death spiral that the doomsayers say is neigh still hasn’t kicked in yet and that probably bothers them, just like a certain pause does for another group of people.

I intended this year’s look at anime to be slimmer and more focused. To that end I trimmed 17 categories but now that we’re at this last part a quick word count check reveals that I’ve written almost the same amount this year, ~13,000 words, as I did back in 2012. 🙂

Before getting to the top 10, if you need a refresher here’s the links to other parts.

The Best Anime of 2014: Part 0 – The Worst Offenders
The Best Anime of 2014: Part 1 – Cast and Character Awards
The Best Anime of 2014: Part 2 – Genre and General Story Awards
The Best Anime of 2014: Part 3 – VMA Awards
The Top 15 Anime of 2014 – #15 to #11

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The Top 15 Anime of 2014 – #15 to #11

Yes, the top fifteen. I’m not trying to be 50% better then those top 10 countdowns 😉 . The idea for this countdown is that it contains all the series of merit from the past year that finished or aired enough episodes that I feel confident about including it here and is planned to be a longer running series. That means the exact number will fluctuate between years and is influenced by the diversity of shows I end up watching. The only hard and fast rule for the number of series included, beyond needing to be an anime of merit, is to have no more then 25% of the shows I’ve finished listed. The only way that there’d be a need to list more then 25% is if I’ve gone soft in my judging and this is a check against that. For this year, I finished 76 series so the list can contain a maximum of 19 series.

Before we get to that top 15, there’s two more awards to give out.

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The Best Anime Of 2014 – Part 3: VMA Awards

There’s a running joke in Shirobako about how the director will tell every department involved in making the anime that they are the most important in ensuring that the anime turns out good. They play it for laughs but the director is more right then not; each department and person is needed to give their best or else it will show in the final product somehow. It’s tempting to call the awards here – the Voice, Music, and Animation Awards – the icing on the cake awards, implying the quality of the underlying cake is unaffected by these VMA categories, but that’s just wrong. The easiest way to show this is if one had a magic wand and could change the anime series who will win the awards below with an “average” or even a “poor” level substitute and see how the series would have fared.

Or maybe the ability to jump to alternative world lines would be easier 🙂 .

So, let’s see who’s won this year’s VMA Awards.

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The Best Anime Of 2014 – Part 2: Genre and General Story Awards

Characters, even the most excellent, need something to happen around them to give them an opportunity to be excellent. So, as we build towards the countdown of the best anime of the year, we next turn our focus to those anime that excelled in a genre format and/or general story way – Most Entertaining or Best Drama, for instance.

And another small change that I made to this year’s awards really helped me here. Before, I’d always pick the nominees for each category by season (to mean that they won their respective category for that season) which never presented much of a problem in the character awards because there’s always good characters to find each season. However, for awards like “Best Action” or “Best Slice of Life” there are oftentimes seasons where there is no standout example to pick. The trying to pick something for each season for each award would often take a long time as I tried to figure out how to put square shows into round award categories. The solution – which totally took way too long for me to figure out – was to just list those nominees that I truly thought excelled in the category with no regard to what season they belonged to.

K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple, stupid! I can’t tell you how often this little saying has been proven true – thanks 7th grade shop class. (Do they still offer shop class anymore? Do the Japanese have shop class and if so, where is my cute girls making stuff in shop class anime?)

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The Best Anime Of 2014 – Part 1: Cast and Character Awards

One of the ways I’ve tried to streamline my yearly award posts this year (which helps to ensure that I’ll finish them) is to focus on those categories that are important enough that someone might be convinced to watch the anime based on the strength that anime has shown in the specific awards. This was always the unsaid reason why I would do these posts – to celebrate the great series from the last year and showcase those series that shouldn’t be missed from the year – and categories like “Best Power” weren’t strong enough to do so.

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The Best Anime of 2014: Part 0 – The Worst Offenders

Thanks to a personal desire to be as accurate about anime as I can be for this anime blog, I watch series that don’t necessarily interest me and series that I know will probably stink. Sometimes I’m surprised and find that diamond in the rough. Sometimes the anime is as bad as I thought it would be. More often, I’m stuck watching anime that isn’t quite bad enough to outright drop but not good enough to enjoy watching. I’d rather spend my time blogging about the good stuff but, once a year, I want to focus on the mediocre, the bad, and the terrible anime that I watched in the past year to cleanse the palette and remind myself that not all anime is good.

This section of awards and the worst of countdown is that focus.

If you haven’t read one of my seasonal or year end reviews before, I try to keep spoilers to a minimum but there’ll be some because of how they’ll relate to specific awards. Also, as for the continuing shows, only the part of the series that ran during this year is under consideration for this year’s awards.

Now onto the awards.

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