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The Disappointment of Re:Creators

I will not rage.

After 20 episodes I realized that Re:Creators was somehow going to find a way to under-perform even the meager expectations I had about it’s telegraphed ending. I can’t pretend I was shocked, surprised, or even offended about how poorly executed the creators of Re:Creators resolved the central conflict of the series in episode 21. In fact, the only feeling of surprise I had while slogging through episode 21 was finding out how little I actually cared about how the show was going to resolve itself; I thought I was more invested in this show than I turned out to be.

Then again, maybe if all the likable characters weren’t killed or completely sidelined from the show, I might have cared enough about Re:Creators to feel the need to rage about this ending. Instead, I feel disappointed that not even a decent ending could have been salvaged from this show.

So, I will not rage. I will, however, lay out some of the reasons why Re:Creators was a disappointment.

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Hello world!

A picture of Mars from NASA’s rover Opportunity

Welcome to The null set !! 🙂

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog. I intend for this blog to cover two of my interest areas – anime and print science fiction – and when the two mix. You can also expect very occasional posts about manga and SF movies/series as well. Postcountwise it will probably be about 75% anime versus 25% science fiction since it takes longer to read a novel or an edition of a magazine then watch an episode of anime.

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