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The 2008 Year in Anime by the Numbers and Breaking Down Why It’s Hard To Be a Fan of Anime Without Resorting to Fansubs

Bamboo Blade

One of the great resources in anime fandom of late has been this guy. His charts have become almost indispensable when trying to figure out what to watch in the upcoming anime seasons. Recently, he’s started to compile these charts for previous years and the information that can be gleaned from these charts are extremely interesting and a real eye opener.

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Anime Songs That Can Get Me To Shed Tears


You can thank Winamp and it’s non-random random shuffling for this post.

I have a super condensed anime music playlist that I like to listen to; it’s only 230 songs long and there’s a handful of songs on this list that when I’m in the right mood will get me to shed a tear. Last night I wasn’t much in the mood but out-of-the-blue Winamp starts playing every sad song on the list in a row and even repeating some more than once so now I’m in that mood.

It’s probably not a good idea to marathon a Key series right now so instead I’ll write this post. 🙂

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Clannad Wallpapers 3


Sometimes I think my subconscious is smarter then I am. Yesterday, I had the urge to make new Clannad wallpapers so I looked at what I had saved, realized there was a bunch of nice scans that I could use and whipped some up. Today, I wake up and think to myself that I should have done something for Mother’s Day here when I realized that I have a bunch of Clannad wallpapers that I made yesterday. 🙂

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(Bi)Weekly Anime Review


Frequent readers of The Null Set might have noticed a recent lull in posts. There’s two primary reasons why and I thought I’d mention them before continuing. The first is that I recently started reading the books that the tv series The Dresden Files (an urban fantasy series) is based on and I had a very hard time putting them down. The author of these, Jim Butcher, knows how to create great characters, do character development, and write a well plotted novel. In the last 10 days I read volumes 3-10 of the series which works out to something like ~2700 pages of reading. This by itself wouldn’t have slowed my posting down but I’m also suffering from some sort of head cold these last few weeks and the medicine leaves me groggy and tired so I’ve been having trouble with doing things more complicated then reading books and watching anime.

You should see The Null Set resume normal operations starting with this post because I started feeling better a couple of days ago and I have no more Dresden books to read. 🙂

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Top Seven Anime of the Winter 2009 Season


About two weeks ago, I started penciling in the picks for the previous three parts as well coming up with the top shows of the season. In the time between the preliminary picks and the final picks there was a few shows that went all out to make me reconsider them. Changing my picks was most apparent in this part, the top seven anime of the season; I revised this list 6 or 7 times before finalizing. I’m satisfied with this list and how the shows are ranked. Since we’re so near the end of the season the only thing that can really upset this list is a catastrophic failure of an ending.

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Top Picks – Winter 2009 Anime, Part 3: VMA Awards


Time to shine the spotlight on those components that can elevate an anime from good to memorable. That’s not to say that perfection is required from the voice actors, music, and the animation to make a show memorable but it certainly helps. For example, if I say the words Paranoia Agent, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the creepy, yet awesome, opening song or maybe the surreal ending song – for me, that’s what I immediately think of and I bet it’s the same for a lot of other people.

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