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Anime Quiz 8 Answers


If your reading this then you might realize that I’m a bit late on this post 🙂 . A couple self-imposed deadlines aren’t going to get made (I wanted to have my 2014 year in review posts done before March, for one) but that’s okay because this February is just about done and I’ve gotten through the month better then I have been because of all the writing I’ve been making myself do.

I hate February for all the normal I’m sick of winter reasons – this year’s February will easily be the coldest in over 117 years, since before records were kept in my hometown, and be the third snowiest on record. But I also hate it because both of my grandparents on my mother’s side died this month and I will always remember how every February of the 15 years my grandma lived after my grandfather would see her health fall apart and she’d barely make it to March but when she did, she’d perk right up; it was like the month of February stalked her like a predator to prey.

Okay, I’m starting to depress myself. Here’s the answers to this week’s quiz questions.

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The Top 15 Anime of 2012 – #5 to #1


This post marks the 500th post I’ve written for The Null Set. Stack that milestone on top of the other ones that I never thought I would actually accomplish. I had wanted to have my fifth year anniversary post last month be my 500th post for the symmetry of it but I didn’t get this look back at the anime of 2012 done in time. 😦

Oh well, this post is almost as good because there is nothing I spend more time on here then these yearly looks back at the anime series that aired.

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The Best Anime Of 2012 – Part 1: Cast and Character Awards


To me there’s no surer way to make an anime a success then filling it with great characters. There are, of course, many other things needed to make a successful anime but it’s very rare to find a bad anime that had palatable characters. And it’s also possible to have very weak characters while still having a good anime because the other stuff is able to carry it, like with Eureka 7 AO – strong plot, great production values, and yet it had flat characters.

It should be no surprise, then, to say these are my favorite awards to pick and also the ones I spend the most time on. (Though trying to pick the Best ED for the year was the single most insanely difficult category this year.) And with the return of Chihayafuru and the recent news of Space Bros getting extended and moved to a more watched time, I’m already looking forward to picking the 2013 cast and character awards.

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Best News About a Sequel In a Dreadfully Long Time

The tumbleweeds have been atumblin’ around here lately on account of a family vacation, gardening, trying to catch-up on a weeks worth of anime after said vacation, and the first public play test of the next generation of Dungeons and Dragons. Expect anime-related postings to begin shortly but before I get there I wanted the chance to squeal about this piece of sequel news. Namely …

Chihayafuru is getting a second season!

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Winter 2012 Mid-Season Anime Report – Part 2: The Top Eleven

I wanted this to be a single post but when I finished, a quick word count showed roughly 3000 words which is just too much to ask people to read in one sitting and also, who wants to scroll through such a long post? So a hasty cut was in order and here we are.

Let’s pick up where the last post left off with number 11 …

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