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The Octave of Anime Christmas – Day 7: Rekindling An Interest

As I try to (belatedly) finish this look back to 2016 as it relates to anime, there was one area that saw a considerable increase of renewed interest on my part and I can’t rightly finish without mentioning it – even though there isn’t a single “moment” I can point to.

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Is It Okay to Judge an Anime Based on How Well It’s Used in AMVs?

In working towards completing a huge project for this site I have first been working on a separate, related, project – an updating and expansion of my grading system. This new system, in my mind, would be a useful tool in completing the huge project and is something I should be able to complete. After all, I have watched nearly 700 anime TV series and have been thinking about how to grade anime shows for over 8 years now.

While letting my mind free range on the topic of what parameters to use in grading an anime I noticed that during my recent renewed interest in anime AMVs that certain anime shows seem to be fertile ground for AMV editors to turn into great AMVs and other shows seem to lack the ability to be turned into great AMVs.

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My Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored – AMV Hell 5

It’s been three years since AMV Hell 4 first injected it’s signature brand of entertainment straight to our brains with it’s most glorious mash-up of anime and popular culture. In those three years there’s been many an anime that I’d love to see used in a skit for AMV Hell and I’d find myself silently hoping that the message at the end of AMV Hell 4 about it being the last one would be proven wrong.

It turns out putting your hope in anime fans is a surer bet then Chicago politicians because AMV Hell 5 got made and we’re still waiting on that hope and change.

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Recent AMV Favorites


Sturgeon’s Law would dictate that only 10% of AMVs are actually good enough to be worth defending. That’s a bit too pessimistic for me but I definitely think the vast majority are merely decent (including the AMV I made and is currently being blocked by Youtube). However, in the right hands, the anime music video has the potential to be very entertaining and artistically beautiful. The problem is finding them so I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites.

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Death Note – Series Review

This is one of those titles that everyone and their brother have seen. A quick check at ANN shows that it’s still one of the top ranked animes according to fans that have voted there. It wasn’t without it’s problems though and so for me to discuss them in more detail I’m going to remind those that haven’t seen this show: Spoilers in the write-up.

Final Series Score: 7/12 B
Rewatchablity: low
Pros: excellent animation, premise was very orginal and engaging, many great characters, plot took several unexpected turns, L’s investagation was smart and made for compelling anime, great fodder for AMVs – I’m looking at you, AMV Hell 4
Cons: pacing problems, second half was rather weak and unconvincing, not enough Ryuk

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The Dangers of Watching an AMV

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Recently my one sister was telling me how she was enjoying the mange for Berserk. Having never seen the anime, read the manga, or heard anyone talk about, I really shouldn’t have had an opinion but I found myself having to stifle laughter.

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