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Seven Question Book Questionnaire

Instead of apologizing for the lack of updates around here, I decided to use one of the reasons for my silence as fodder for a new post. This was made easy when I came across an entry on one of the science fiction blog/websites that I frequent that fit my situation perfectly. And since I’m being all meta right now, this upcoming summer season looks to be a weak one and I was starting to plan what I would do extra for The Null Set (maybe another round of anime quizzes, for instance) but I just received a letter saying that I’ve been picked for jury duty for the first half of July. This will not be conducive to spending time on a special project for The Null Set and might disrupt normal posting as well :( .

So, anyways, here’s my answers to a seven question ‘Book Meme’, found here.

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Book Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

As much as I enjoy watching anime, nothing beats losing oneself in a good book. I’ve been an avid reader since learning how to in first grade and at all times I am reading at least one book. Recently, the anime Earl and Fairy showed the main character leaving a saucer of milk out for the fairies of the area. This act reminded me of one of my absolute favorite books, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and that’s all it took to convince me that it was time to reread the book.

Final Series Score: 12/12
Rereadablity: very high
Pros: the story is both fantastically mythic and utterly believable at the same time, the characters – gods and humans alike – feel like real people that I could meet if I knew where to look, Gaiman’s writing style is meaty yet simple to read and uncluttered with needless writing tricks, many surprises and twists that will keep you reading, stands up well when rereading it
Cons: nothing

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