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The Disappointment of Re:Creators

I will not rage.

After 20 episodes I realized that Re:Creators was somehow going to find a way to under-perform even the meager expectations I had about it’s telegraphed ending. I can’t pretend I was shocked, surprised, or even offended about how poorly executed the creators of Re:Creators resolved the central conflict of the series in episode 21. In fact, the only feeling of surprise I had while slogging through episode 21 was finding out how little I actually cared about how the show was going to resolve itself; I thought I was more invested in this show than I turned out to be.

Then again, maybe if all the likable characters weren’t killed or completely sidelined from the show, I might have cared enough about Re:Creators to feel the need to rage about this ending. Instead, I feel disappointed that not even a decent ending could have been salvaged from this show.

So, I will not rage. I will, however, lay out some of the reasons why Re:Creators was a disappointment.

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The 12 Days of Anime Christmas – Day 8: The Low Moments of the Year

Today I had scheduled a post about another moment from anime this year that drew me to tears but I started thinking that those reading my posts are probably getting tired of this. Instead, let’s look at some of the low moments from this year in anime.

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Top Picks for the Summer 2012 Anime Season – Part 1 of 3: The Bottom 8 Series

Because of how offset AKB0048 ran, I didn’t include it for consideration this time.

It’s difficult to summarize the summer season of anime into a brief, concise statement because there was so many conflicting and crosswired developments that occurred. For starters, there was very few truly awful anime series but there was also very few truly great anime series. There were high concept series that couldn’t “realize” their concept in practice and there were low concept series that delivered storytelling and plotting far beyond any preview would have suggested. There were sequels that were plainly better than their predecessors. There were many instances of how the most creativity was shown not in the original anime series but with those series merely adapting source material. And on a personal level, I watched so many series (24) but only really liked a handful of them (about 8 and not the same 8 that fill the top 8 spots) and yet did not dislike any anime series enough to drop it.

It was a weird season. Here’s hoping that the fall season will feel more normal.

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