January 2008 Asimov’s

With a couple of stand-out stories right off the bat, 2008 is looking like another great year for Asimov’s. Oh, and a pretty spiffy cover as well … Continue reading January 2008 Asimov’s


New Shana 2 Opening – Rocks Your Soul


Or more specifically the animation (the song currently does not meet how much I loved the first OP song), I’d even say the new opening animation is better than the first 12 episodes of the anime combined minus the OP/ED. Read on for more proof.

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2007 Anime Awards (1-5)


Part 2 of my 2007 anime awards will complete the coundown of my top 10 anime. I was thinking more about Manabi Straight after posting part 1, I did not mention that it is a SF series. It takes place in the 2030’s, uses technology that doesn’t exist now and postulates that Japan never turns their declining birth rate around. All hallmarks of a SF story but it doesn’t feel like a SF story which is something I’ve noticed more frequently when the Japanese do SF as opposed to in America. Another series that is a SF story but doesn’t’ really feel like a standard SF story makes it into my top 5 at #5.

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