The anime industry in America


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2007 Anime Awards (1-5)


Part 2 of my 2007 anime awards will complete the coundown of my top 10 anime. I was thinking more about Manabi Straight after posting part 1, I did not mention that it is a SF series. It takes place in the 2030’s, uses technology that doesn’t exist now and postulates that Japan never turns their declining birth rate around. All hallmarks of a SF story but it doesn’t feel like a SF story which is something I’ve noticed more frequently when the Japanese do SF as opposed to in America. Another series that is a SF story but doesn’t’ really feel like a standard SF story makes it into my top 5 at #5.

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2007 Anime Awards (6-10)


Time for my 2007 anime awards. I felt 2007 was a fairly strong year for anime – though not being a devoted fan for years and years it’s really hard to gauge this. These awards will go to series I have actually watched and (mostly) finished so some series I meant to watch like Hidamari Sketch / Code Geass and ones I meant to finish like Seto no Hanayome / Higurashi 2 won’t be showing up on my countdown. The write ups may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

First up is my top 10 list starting at 10:

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Hello world!

A picture of Mars from NASA’s rover Opportunity

Welcome to The null set !! 🙂

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog. I intend for this blog to cover two of my interest areas – anime and print science fiction – and when the two mix. You can also expect very occasional posts about manga and SF movies/series as well. Postcountwise it will probably be about 75% anime versus 25% science fiction since it takes longer to read a novel or an edition of a magazine then watch an episode of anime.

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