Inactive Blogs


Over time some of my most favorite blogs on my blog roll go inactive – die is probably the better term but I try to stay optimistic – and this leaves me in a quandary. I want to leave them in my blog roll to remember them but it slowly becomes impossible to add new blogs without the blog roll becoming to long.

After much thought, I decided on creating a page for these blogs and moving these fallen blogs here.’

  • Hop Step Jump – Way Back Machine Link
  • The Deathseeker – WBM Link
  • We Remember LoveLink
  • Simplicity – WBM Link
  • Kitsune’s ThoughtsLink New post 10/31/2014 YEAH!!!
  • Ani no MiyakoLink
  • Desu ex Machina – WBM Link
  • hasihime – Anime Voices – WBM Link
  • Kurogane’s Anime BlogLink
  • Not Red ReviewsLink
  • Rabbit PoetsLink
  • Suguru’s Dame-Dame Anime BlogLink

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