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Pictures from the Solar Eclipse

Call me optimistic. I live far enough way from yesterday’s total solar eclipse that I decided I would just wait the seven years for the next one to happen over North America because that one will go almost right over my house.

I wasn’t even planning on taking any pictures of the locally seen ~80% eclipsed sun because I don’t have any of the right equipment. However, a few light bands of clouds showed up at the right time and I figured I could try to snap a few pictures without killing my eyes or my camera.

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Round 4 of The Aniblog Tournament

I wasn’t planning on bringing up the Aniblog Tournament for this, my fourth round match-up, because I’d already succeeded in my goal for this tournament of not losing in my first match-up. However, earlier today when I checked the early vote amounts, it immediately became apparent that someone(s) felt like doing a bit of vote rigging seemingly in my favor and that greatly offends me.

It’s possible that my current feeling of umbrage are misplaced. It could be a bloc of voters has decided to get a weaker blog to advance (my previous vote total pales in comparison to that of, my opponent) or I secretly have that many people who wanted to vote me that quickly or maybe there’s a large group of people who actively dislike; but, I think the more likely cause was a fan of one of the two blogs trying to sway the voting or a troll looking to have some fun. No one, but the tourney staff, will know before the final tally is shown if ACORN was here or not.

In the meantime, this irritation that I’m feeling is making me want to do something in response; so, I might as well try to win my match-up.

If you already like this blog and know that you’d vote for The Null Set you can go here and vote for The Null Set. If, however, your unsure as to the worthiness of this blog, please read on.

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Remembering Veterans Day

Watching Gurren Lagann invariably leaves me in a contemplative mood; so, I wasn’t surprised when my recent rewatch of it ended with me reflecting on the quiet heroism that my grandfather (on my mother’s side) displayed throughout his life, which includes fighting in World War II. I decided to be a bit selfish and write something for this blog about him so others can read how incredible he was. I chose today to this so I could also remind people to thank a vet for the sacrifices that they have made.

My grandfather was a man of little words and he didn’t like talking  about his experiences in WWII or his earlier life so I’ve only heard parts of the story of his life from other family members over many different times and have had to put them together. It goes something like this.

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Happy Halloween!

Of all the holidays that inspire anime bloggers to post off-topic about, Halloween wouldn’t be my personal choice as the biggest but I just realized that I haven’t missed a Halloween yet. So for the fourth year running, I hope everyone out there had a great Halloween.

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On Vacation, Off the Grid, Under the Stars and Wishing for a Shortcut Over My Anime Backlog

The real reason I’m writing this post is so that I have an excuse to post a few pictures from the summer vacation I just got back from; but, I’m going to cover up the off-topic nature of this post by talking about a couple of thoughts I had about anime while on vacation and upon coming back.

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Living my Life as a Slice-of-Life Anime: Episode 7 – The Beach

I’m sometimes amazed how disrupting a vacation can be to one’s life but that’s not the reason for this post (though it does help explain where I’ve been for the last 3 weeks) nor is it an excuse to post pictures from my vacation (though I will post some)  but because I had a thought about slice-of-life anime while I was on vacation and I took the above pic to remind myself of this thought so I could share later.

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