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Anime Quiz 13 Answers

Once more into the breach. I couldn’t really summon the energy to get this done early, hence the tardiness of this post. I’m glad for the time that’s being freed up – I want to focus on writing a look back at the winter season next week, for example – but I already miss doing these quizzes.

I’d drag my feet a little longer here, but, there’s a lot of ground to cover with these questions.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – The Final Reckoning

As we close the book on the 2015 Winter anime season so to do we come to the end of the weekly anime quiz experiment here at The Null Set. On my end, as a way to help get through the dreary grey winter months, this experiment was a great success. I had fun coming up with questions, doing the necessary research (because I’d probably only have averaged ~10 – 11 questions right on each quiz), and generally keeping busy keeping these quizzes on track. I also came away with a deeper appreciation for the people involved in creating anime and have several new anime series I want to get to know. I also enjoyed reading the responses people gave and the conversations about the various anime that were started because they were featured in a question.

So, I definitely plan to bring the idea of featuring anime quizzes on The Null Set back at some point in the future. However, these quizzes were a little too good at keeping me busy and there were several posts I wanted to write that didn’t get written this season, as a result. Also, I’d hoped for more participation and want some time to reflect on ways to improve these quizzes to garner more attention. And on that front, to anyone reading this if you have any constructive criticism about these quizzes – the questions were too easy, too tough, prefer more multiple-choice questions, more questions per week, or less, switch to longer monthly quizzes, focus on one area at a time, etc. – I’d love to hear it.

For this final quiz I also added a few more questions then the normal 15 because that way I’ll have asked a cumulative of 200 questions. So, without further ado, let’s start the quiz.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 12

One series that’s fallen in that grey zone of being not good or bad enough to really warrant discussion this season is Tokyo Ghoul √A. As a person who doesn’t read much manga because it’ll interfere with the eventual anime adaptation, I have no familiarity to the source material to influence my view of the anime. The first season of Tokyo Ghoul was okay, sometimes good, but lacked some elusive bit that prevented it from being great. I blame Studio Pierrot; they haven’t impressed me with one of their series in over a decade. I think the long form shounen series make them a touch lazy. I almost didn’t bother with the second season but I wanted to really like Tokyo Ghoul so I held my nose and started in on the sequel. At first, I kicked myself because the sequel started off even worse. I was just about to metaphorically throw the series out the window when Tokyo Ghoul √A suddenly got good. This final arc about the police making a raid to try to catch Owl is everything I was hoping the series would be.

I’ve been too busy to get to the penultimate episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A, maybe tonight, but I’m really looking forward to watching it and that’s pretty much the first time I’ve thought that about this series. Speaking of penultimate, here’s this week’s anime quiz.

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Anime Quiz 11 Answers

What does it say about me as an anime fan that I remember being excited when KyoAni’s Kanon came out because of how good it looked and now, when I look at it, I think about how dated it looks? Probably volumes and in ways I couldn’t even fathom myself.

The limited slice of this question I’ve been pondering is how fans of anime for a longer period of me (~13 years) handle this slow shift of style over such a greater degree of change – many I think don’t, having been imprinted on an earlier style, and either stop watching the newer stuff or complain about the new airing anime loudly – is it something that’s only noticeable when looking back at older, watched, anime or is it a sudden and jarring thing that takes a conscious decision to embrace time and again.

I’m curious to know, though, I guess if I’m patient I can find the answer out myself over the next decade or two. 🙂

Enough introspection, introspection is apparently nowadays a bad thing, so let’s hit the streets and make a mess with the answers to this week’s quiz.

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Test Your Anime Knowledge – Anime Quiz 11

Another sign that spring is on it’s way is this week marks the first anime I’m watching that will finish it’s run for this winter season. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has been airing since the fall season but it’s only been during this winter season, with the extra time for the story to gather up a head of steam and the reduced competition for my attention, that I’ve come to appreciate how good this anime has turned out to be. I think the anime community’s collective flip-out over the abusive mother at the start of the series also affected how I watched the series since I started focusing on the question of the mother’s behavior and not how the show was using this realistic character for it’s plot and storytelling.

Two cour is long enough that when I watched last week’s episode and the preview said this week’s episode was the last I was shocked that it’s that time again. It’s always a bit sad to have to start saying good-bye to all the good series that have been airing. The end of Shirobako is particularly going to be tough but I’m already telling myself that being the top selling series from fall with sales of over 10,000 per volume means that Shirobako 2 is a no-brainer.

Before I depress myself more here’s this weeks quiz of anime knowledge.

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Anime Quiz 10 Answers

I did something that I hadn’t done in awhile – marathon an anime series. The anime in question – Kaitou Joker – was recommended in a comment by Jim D. and I decided to give it a try. It aired during the Fall 2014 season and was almost completely overlooked because it was a kid’s show and the animation was handled by Shin-Ei Animation, who also animated Tonari no Seki-kun, and the quality was on the same level – merely adequate. Why watch it then? The guy handling the screenplay and series composition to Kaitou Joker was Dai Saito. That name should ring a bell; he’s written for a number of well-known anime series including Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Samurai Champloo, and Eureka Seven. Is Kaitou Joker in the same league as though anime? No, but the story to Kaitou Joker kept surprising me with how well done it was and how well thought out it was.

Kaitou Joker can be summed up as saying it’s like Lupin the Third minus the fan service plus a professional thief rivalry with a childhood friend and the attention of a evil villain who wouldn’t mind killing Joker while going about his evil plan. However, that sells the series a bit short because it tackles stories that one never sees in Lupin. One example is Joker planned to steel a treasure that was on display in a high-rise building but the building caught fire while he was in it and the episode became about how Joker was going to get a group of stranded people safely out of the building.

A second season comes out this spring 2015 season and I’ll definitely be watching it.

Now, on to this week’s answers.

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