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Clannad Wallpapers 2


Time for more Clannad wallpapers 🙂 . This time I have wallpapers I made using the nice scans of the 2009 Clannad calendar found in the animesuki forums as well as several retrimmed scans. In case you can’t tell from in the small thumbnails, the first blue Nagisa wallpaper has her name from before episode 13 of Clannad – After Story and the second has her name after episode 13.

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Soul Eater Wallpaper 3


I was looking at my computer desktop last night and realized I needed something new. After looking around at what I had on hand, I ended making more Soul Eater wallpapers. For some reason, it’s easy to find lots of nice artwork from that show.

If you’ve looked at my other wallpaper, you’ll notice that I try to keep them relatively simple so that it’s still possible to use the desktop. After testing out the 1280 x 1024 ones on my own computer, I work on making the other 2 sizes and try to get them all to look similar.

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Clannad Wallpaper


First off, just a note that because I spent so long writing up my influential anime list, I didn’t get to my weekly anime review post and since today is now thursday, I’m going to just do a bi-weekly one and hopefully post it on Sunday or Monday.

So instead of rushing the weekly review post, I decided to make a few quick Clannad wallpapers, mainly just cropping large pics down into convenient wallpaper size.

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Soul Eater Wallpaper 2

Maybe it shouldn’t be a shock to me but, by far and away, the most popular post on this blog has been the first Soul Eater Wallpaper post. I’ve been meaning to make more so that people coming here for Soul Eater wallpaper can have a selection. Of course, It wasn’t until getting back from my vacation and in the midst of trying to catch up on my anime and writing posts I meant to write last week that I felt the urge to make this wallpaper.

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