Past Banners

I decided it was a good idea to add a place where readers and myself could look at the past banners of this site after I was going through some of my files and realized I couldn’t actually remember some of the banners that were labeled as being site banners.

Ordered newest to oldest:spring_flower_new_01.jpg

spring_flower_new_02.jpg *Spring 2015 upload*

The top banner is a remake of an earlier banner to fit my current theme and the bottom one is a variation on the same theme. Yes, I’ve got many Yotsuba related banners. Both pictures use photos I took as the background. The top one is of a Bradford Pear tree blooming and the bottom is of a bee pollinating a blueberry flower.

erie_winter-copy.jpg winter1a-copy.jpg copy-christmas_village_01-copy.jpg*January 2015 upload*

To continue to fill up my banner choices, I did these 3 winter and/or Christmas banners. The middle one was a remake of an earlier banner. The top one used a picture I took of Lake Erie in January and the bottom one was a picture of my yearly Christmas village with both containing a bit blog related interest.

ykk_beach_updated_01.jpg steel_yotsuba_updated_01.jpg fall_01a_updated.jpg*October 2014 upload*

WordPress changed how it handled banners and it became possible to have multiple banners uploaded and ready to display. As such, I started uploaded more banners and started switching between them as the mood hit. Here, I remade three earlier banners for my current theme.

hunter_x_hunter_banner_01b.jpg{August 2014 – October 2014}

One of the animators (I believe) of Hunter x Hunter posted a picture of the various steps it took to finish this picture of the Chairman Netero. I took a few of the steps and made a banner out of it to show my love of the show as it neared the end of it’s 148 episode run.

yot_ykk_summer_sunset_new{January 2014 – August 2014}

Originally this banner was to run during the fall of 2013 but the strong showing of Bakemonogatari season 2 during that time made me hold onto the previous one. With the changing of the theme for The Null Set, I decided to remake this banner to fit the new theme. The sunset was a picture I snapped at Conneaut Park, Ohio on Lake Erie. The choice of who’d enjoy a beautiful sunset like that was obvious to me – Yotsuba and Alpha from Yokohama Shopping Trip.

bakemonogatari_sightseeing001{July 2013 – January 2014}

Trying to switch things up – can’t always have pictures of the beach – I remembered taking a lovely shot from Arlington Cemetery of Washington DC. This went perfectly with the foreground shot of Araragi and Mayoi, from Bakemonogatari, sitting on a park bench. I then wanted to try my hand at using negative space, like Shaft enjoys doing, for the name of the blog on the banner; I hope it wasn’t too hard to see.

spring_flower05{March 2013 – July 2013}

I loved the last banner with Alpha watching the sunset which helps explains why it was up for so long but I’ve always thought of it as a fall banner and this past spring I wanted something more springy feeling. The picture in the background is a picture I took of the Bradford Pear blooming in my backyard. I combined that with Yotsuba in the foreground reminding everyone to think about and celebrate the coming of spring because who better then Yotsuba could find all the wonderful things there is about spring.

{October 2011 – March 2013}

Yet another banner featuring Alpha from Yokohama Shopping Trip and Lake Erie. This one was a little tricky since the picture I used of Alpha had the wrong gradient to match the sunset.

{June 2011 – October 2011}

Another banner featuring Alpha from Yokohama Shopping Trip and a photo I took while at Lake Erie.

{March 2011 – June 2011}

The idea came to me while in church as I tried not to pay attention to the organist that liked to hear himself sing. Probably not going to stay up long but we’ll see.

{May 2010 – March 2011}

This banner is a case of unintended results. I wanted to make a banner to better reflect the late spring-early summer season but when I started looking through my pictures, I found this picture that my Dad took of the steel mill where he works and I just knew I needed to use it. The result felt very artistic and personally meaningful, even if I have trouble articulating why I think so.

{Apr 2010 – May 2010}

I was collecting material for a completely different looking spring banner but I happened to come across this picture of Yuki and was compelled by my continuing like of Yuki to use it. The original pic was oriented completely wrong for a banner so I had to try several different things to use it as a banner but I eventually came up with something I liked.

{Dec 2009 – Apr 2010}

Once again I wanted to do something that mixed real life and anime characters and for it to feel similar to my previous banner since I liked it so much. I chose the background from a picture I took last winter and the anime characters from shows that had a melancholic feel to them since that fits winter so well.  And in case your wondering from left-to-right the characters are from Haibane Renmei, Kino’s Journey, and Yokohama Shopping Trip.

fall1 copy{Fall 2009 – Dec 2009}

I really can’t get away from the lake, after spending a week at a beach side cottage in the middle of August, I went back up on August 30. When I was there in the middle of August it was consistently in the upper 80’s to low 90’s but when I went back – it was only 60 degrees with winter-like clouds. The change was very extreme and it seriously felt like fall so when I got back home I felt the need to change my banner again. 🙂

I still wanted to mix anime and real life so I went looking for stuff I had that looked fallish. I also wanted to spread out the images to cover the types of shows and characters that I really like. Another ingredient that went into this banner was discovering how to write around shapes in Photoshop.

beach01 copya{ Summer 2009}

I decided I wanted to go back to a slice-of-life feeling banner and using Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou was a perfect pick. I decided I wanted to do a mix of anime and real life so I went looking for a good backdrop. One of things that jumped out at me when looking was to use a beach picture since the beach reminds me of summer and when I’m at the beach I can sit and watch the water for hours – a slice-of-life type thing to do. This one in particular was taken in May 2009 when I was up at Lake Erie and the log worked with a nice picture I had of Alpha sitting and contemplating Mt. Fuji. And viola, a new banner.

banner_vangence01{Spring 2009}

The first banner that I used with the Vigilance theme was something I cooked up after trying to explore what’s possible with Photoshop. The background came first and when I had that done, I looked around to see what would go and decided on chibis from Haruhi because chibis are always great.

Nagisa copy01{Fall 2008 – Winter 2009}

The last of the banners from my first theme. I was deep in the midst of liking Clannad and wasn’t much of a fan for all the Nagisa bashing that was going on so I decided I needed a new banner featuring Nagisa. I think by the end of After Story, the awesomeness of Nagisa won most people over which is a good thing because she was a wonderful character with a very strong emotional side to her.

bamboo_09This banner came about because I am an anime slice-of-life fan and this picture just seemed to fit the mood a good slice-of-life show has. This was also the first banner that I capitalized the title of the blog – The Null Set.

5CM otherworld01 copy5 Centimeters Per Second was a very, very lovely show; I really can’t believe that it only cost $220,000 to make. This and the last 2 banners where picked to try to balance the initial idea I had about this being an anime and SF blog. It didn’t turn out that way so later on I no longer feel the need to try to pick a banner that did both.

yuki sky copyYuki was my favorite character from Haruhi so she was a natural pick for a banner. For this one I added some lightning and the star background was taken from a Hubble space picture – which I thought was appropriate considering what Yuki is.

air night copy1Many a tear has been shed over AIR and rightly so. One of the things I used to say a lot when watching KyoAni shows was “the sky doesn’t look like that” and it wasn’t until the summer of 2008 when I spent a night in the middle of nowhere to discover that the sky does look as awesome as KyoAni makes it look.


One thought on “Past Banners”

  1. Hahahha, the sky doesn’t look like that… right. Anime is like the guy who was born in a small village and expects to die in that village, telling everyone that there is nothing to see over the mountains. Then he crosses the mountains and finds a huge metropolis of 10 million people on the other side…

    5CM per second was made by the same single producer as A Voice From a Distant Star. So very money tight, since he made that one shot film by himself.

    Nagisa was always an interesting character in the visual novel. From the setup shot of her on the hill, to the contrast between her weak side and her integrity side, to how she helps Tomoya with his destitute look on seishun life and basketball, Nagisa has always supported Tomoya. Which motivated Tomoya to get off his arse and do something proactive in school, changing him for the better. Nagisa is not as interesting, to me, as Tomoyo or the other girls, simply because Nagisa is Tomoya’s life. His connection to her is a lot stronger than mine to Nagisa. Whereas I feel just as strong, or stronger, a connection concerning the other girls in Clannad. I explored their arcs independent of the other, and kept having to push Nagisa’s to the end because that was the recommended order to play through. That might have biased me for the other girls first, because I wanted to see what was going on with Nagisa in the beginning but I chose choices to go along a different route.

    Those chibi things are trying to do the Eye jutsus on me…


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