Grading Scale

The scale is still out of 12 but it shall be divided as such:

  • 12/12 Perfect
  • 11.5/12 Nearly Perfect
  • 11/12 A+
  • 10.5/12 Strong A
  • 10/12 A
  • 9/12 A-
  • 8/12 B+
  • 7/12 B
  • 6/12 B-
  • 5/12 C+
  • 4/12 C
  • 3/12 D
  • 2/12 F
  • 1/12 Epic Fail

For anime series reviews and other completed reviewed works, the only difference is now it’s possible to get an 11.5 and 10.5. I’ve gone back and adjusted the series review scores to reflect these new choices. One such move, for example, was Library War moved from 11/12 up to 11.5/12 to better reflect how much I loved it, despite the problems in the plot believability department.

For the episode review scores, the version 1 scores get mapped to version 2 scores like this: 12+++ → 12, 12++ → 11.5, 12+ → 11, 12 → 10.5, 11 → 10, 10 → 9, 9 → 8, 8 → 7, 7 → 6, 6 → 5, 5 → 4, 4 → 3, 3 → 2, 2 → 1. Taking a couple of examples from my recent weekly anime review:

Clannad S.2, episode 19 – 12++/12 becomes 11.5/12 Near Perfect
Michiko to Hatchin, episode 18 – 12+/12 becomes 11/12 A+
Minami-Ke: Okaeri, episode 7 – 11/12 A+ becomes 10/12 A
Asu no Yoichi, episode 7 – 9/12 A- becomes 8/12 B+

Generally, individual episodes will score higher then my overall opinion of the show. This is due to the lesser demands on a single episode to be good as opposed to the greater demands on the entire series to be good. For example, a certain series might get docked points in the series review because it lacked necessary character development but the individual episodes where funny and thusly earning good marks.

Secondary Scores

Separate from the overall score are several secondary scores; these scores are not used in a rigid way to determine the final score but scoring lowly in one might indirectly show why the overall score was the level it was.

The first one is used just for my first impression scores for anime. It’s called the show’s initial Anticipation Level and it measures how well the show hooks me into watching the rest of series.

The next 3 are all used for my series review. Two are relatively new and thus most of my reviews don’t include them yet. When I can, I will go back and add them into the posts.  These would the Ending score and the Animation score. Since I won’t go into detail about a show’s ending for the sake of remaining as spoiler-free as possible the Ending score is my way of giving the reader the knowledge how well the show ended without giving it away. The Animation score is there because while I’m fairly tolerant of quality of the animation when grading a show, others are not. Once again, this is okay – I’m not some sort of snob that thinks my point of view is the only right one. If the reader is one that requires good animation then they can use my animation score to adjust my overall score up or down in their mind as they see fit.

The third score is Rewatchablity and it measures how likely the title will be rewatched in the future. This score came about because not every great show will be rewatched in the future. For example, the movie Grave of Fireflies is a stunningly great movie but also one that is so depressing that I’ll never willing watch it again. This subscore can be used in guestimating if a particular show is worth owning on DVD since a show that only gets watched once is hardily worth buying on DVD. For me a score of Medium is the lower threshold of a show’s worthiness in buying in DVD format.

Both the Ending and Animation scores are out of 5 and I’ll detail them below. First, though, for both Anticipation Level and Rewatchability, I used to just use a verbal score but as of June 2009, I will also make these scores out of 5. Both sets of 5 will mean similar things but with slightly different verbal meanings to better match the category. Thus:

Scale Ending and Animation Anticipation Level and Rewatchability
5/5 Epic Very High
4.5/5 Sublime High
4/5 Excellent Medium – High
3.5/5 Very Good Medium
3/5 Good Average – Medium
2.5/5 Average Average
2/5 Sub-par Below Average
1.5/5 Disappointing Below Average – Low
1/5 Profoundly deficient Low
0.5/5 Horrible Very Low
0/5 Epic Fail None

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