General Policies

Over the course of running a blog, I’ve slowly accrued some policies that I have started enforcing or wish to enforce. None of these are particularly big but I wanted to explicitly spell them out here.


Be civil and polite.

commie-musaigen-no-phantom-world-11-75821e4c-mkv_snapshot_12-22_2016-04-17_23-01-29I’m probably showing a bit of my age and upbringing but I want my blog to have a measure of civility and politeness to it. As such, the use of the f-word and other words of that level will not be allowed at The Null Set, both for me and the commenters. Use language that you’d be okay with your Mom reading what you wrote. Yeah, I know it’s a bit old-fashioned but I can’t think of justifiable reason that they needed in discussing anime. This also means that commenters will act civil and polite when talking personally about either other commenters or the site author(s). This also means that I’ll endeavor to keep this blog as SFW (safe-for-work) as possible. Which means, at the very least, don’t expect to see cheesecake screenshots even if I’m talking about a fan service show.


In regards to my blog roll and who I link to.

For a blog to get listed on my blog roll, it has to be special in some way to me – be it a distinctive writing voice, high quality posts, the variety of stuff covered, or just an interesting outlook towards anime and life. To say it another way, each one of the blogs that I list has earned my personal top recommendation. This isn’t a knock to the tons of other great blogs out there because there could be a variety of reasons why a blog isn’t listed and it could be as simple as I haven’t read that blog yet or I’ve been too lazy to add it.

If you run a new blog and are trying to build readership by exchanging blog roll links, let me suggest a better way is to get your blog listed at animenano as well as visiting other blogs and leaving good comments. If I come across a good comment, I will check out that person’s blog if I’m unfamiliar with it.

If you run a commercial site and wish me to link to it then let me say that unless I already use your company or service and can independently vouch for it’s quality – it’s a no go for the same reason I won’t add just people to my blog roll. I see a link like that as putting my personal seal of approval on something and I won’t just do it for some additional traffic to my site.

Since I look at getting listed on a blog roll as something earned, I never ask other sites to add me. For blogs I link to, I’m not implying that I want added to those blog rolls in return but if it’s done, I will be deeply honored to be listed on blogs that I like.


Please don’t ask where what I review can be found.

If I’m reviewing it then trust me it’s not that hard to find either in a legal format or not-so-legal format (at least if you live in Region 1). While I believe the consumer has the right to try before they buy, my blog is about my reactions to anime and SF and not a place for the procuring of said anime and SF. I’m sorry if this makes anyone upset but trust me google is your friend, you don’t need me telling where to get something (and it’s quicker then waiting for me to get back to you as well).


That’s it for now, if I feel the need to add stuff here, I will in the future. And to close let me also say that with any set of rules, there is a time and place when the rules won’t get followed – it might be a regular reader of the site would like to get pointed in the right direction to find something or I’m discussing a topic that warrants less then polite language – so while I have these policies, I certainly won’t go overboard trying to enforce them nor will I treat anyone poorly for not following them


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