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The first time I thought I might start an anime blog was back in the spring season of 2006. Haruhi had me enchanted and I wanted to talk about how awesome it was. I knew many people start blogs but abandon them shortly after so I told myself to be patient and see if this desire to blog would continue. If I would have started my anime blog at this point it would have been called The Otaku Spider and would have featured alot of black backgrounds and spider motifs. So, in this instance, it was a good thing that I tend to over think things and am not an impulsive person.

Almost two years later, at the beginning of January 2008, I still felt like I wanted to start a blog and I had the idea of blogging about SF and anime with the idea to draw parallels between the two and getting the two groups of fans to try the other. From this, I thought of the name The Null Set because I was cynically thinking that if I took a set of the future readers of this blog that liked both SF and anime, I’d end up with nobody – hence the name.

In the early months of writing, I realized that my initial goal of being a place to combine the two fandoms wasn’t really attainable for me so I’ve been trying to figure out what the ultimate point of this blog should be. I eventually worked something out that I liked and this is it: I want my blog to be a place where people go to figure out if a show is worth watching and also to find shows to watch that they wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Therefore, when I talk about a show, I want to be as spoil-free as possible for the people who haven’t seen it. And this is also why a lot my anime posts have been either first impressions or series reviews and why I don’t do much episodic blogging – I don’t want people to read about a show, I want them to watch it.

hyperion_01And if I could slip some SF into the blog and maybe get someone to try a novel then I’d really be happy because I don’t really consider SF to be far off-topic from anime in general. To me,  the Japanese seem to integrate print science fiction into their culture more than Americans do. Heck, one of my favorite writers – Dan Simmons – I started reading because of a reference in The Melancholy of Haruhi.

What may limit my effectiveness in recommending anime is that I have a wide range of tastes and many other people have a much more narrow focus when it comes to shows they watch. Which is okay; for me personally, if I saw the same type of show over and over, I’d get bored. There a few things that I look for across the board from the most relaxing slice-of-life anime to the bloodiest action anime: good characterization and likeable characters, the ability for the show to make me feel different emotions, to be well-plotted or have an interesting story, to make me think and reflect, and to entertain me. A show doesn’t need all of those to be considered good in my book but having more never hurts.


3 thoughts on “About the Site”

  1. I’ve read it too. For the same reason.

    Tho I thought later – “they don’t mention the name of the book in the novel”, so basically it’s just what a director(or a scriptwriter) of the anime came up with. It could have been any other SF book…

    But, damn, I liked this one. 🙂


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