Mahou Shoujo Site – First Impressions

There are various reasons that can convince me to try a new anime. Probably one of the most dubious reasons is because I picked it for my team for MAL’s Fantasy Anime League competition; I learned long ago that my tastes in anime don’t often jive with the best scoring series. I picked Mahou Shoujo Site for my team this season based on it’s high plan-to-watch number, did the numerous MAL users steer me to a good series or not?

The Story

Aya Asagiri is a middle-school girl who is living hell on Earth – her older brother abuses her at home and the bullying she experiences at school goes well beyond mere bullying. One day, she stumbles upon a creepy website that promises to make her troubles disappear.

The Fine Print

Mahou Shoujo Site is stupid. Scratch that, Mahou Shoujo Site is a fantastically imbecilic fever dream created by someone who attempted to do a Shaft head tilt in real life and broke their neck, starving their brain of much-needed oxygen.

Yes, Mahou Shoujo Site is really that bad.

I can almost believe this series is meant to be a comedic parody of a dark magical girl series, except it’s supporters all seem to argue that it’s meant to be taken as a serious “drama, horror, psychological, supernatural” series.

That said, I seem to be developing a morbid curiosity towards this series. I feel the need to see if Mahou Shoujo Site can continue the difficult work of being so unflinchingly abysmal or will it grow lazy and become merely terrible.

Don’t take this as a recommendation. There are plenty of other series in this season worth watching. Persona 5 the Animation is doing a much better job of actually being the type of show that Mahou Shoujo Site is trying to be. For a show that’s shaping up to be a possible train wreck but with some redeeming qualities, I would suggest giving Caligula a shot.


One thought on “Mahou Shoujo Site – First Impressions”

  1. I made it all of about 10 minutes into the first episode of this before giving up in utter disgust. It is, without any exaggeration whatsoever, the worst anime series I’ve seen in years.


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