The Null Set’s 10th Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, an anime fan suffering through a period of anime burnout decided the smart thing to do was to start a blog mostly about anime with a bit of science fiction thrown in. And so, with little interest in what was currently airing in that Winter 2008 season, The Null Set was born. Writing about anime helped me work through that burned out feeling and somehow it’s now ten years later and I’m still watching anime and still writing (occasionally) about anime.

Ten years is a long enough time that I can have a frank evaluation of The Null Set.

I’ve never reached that point where I’ve been completely satisfied with this blog. I never posted as much as I want to. There’s always a project or three that I’d like to be getting too. I’m terrible at doing things I know a blog writer should do like responding in a timely manner to comments left (I often get stuck waiting for that inspired response to pop into my mind). I don’t think my level of writing as improved all that much over these 10 years and I sometimes find it hard to imagine people would willing read what I write when there are plenty of much better writers out there writing about anime.

I’ve never wanted to make money with my blog because I enjoy the medium and want to see more people watch anime and I’ve always felt taking money from wherever would impact this. But, I’ve often wondered if trying to make some money would force me to become a better, more reliable, anime blogger. And if it does, would it be worth the price because there is always a price.

The cynic in me says that I probably only continue The Null Set because I’m stubborn and there’s 10 years of inertia to keep me going. That cynic side, I’m learning as the years go by, is a relic of my teenage years and is much less mature and intelligent as I thought it was all those years ago.

I appreciate how blogging about anime has slowly forced me to ask “why” I enjoy or dislike an anime and how it’s pushed me to learn more about the medium. I appreciate how the act of blogging forces me to organize and order my thoughts about the shows I watch. I appreciate how blogging allows me to do something constructive with my enjoyment of anime. And I definitely appreciate the feedback I get from blogging. After 10 years I still find it a bit humbling when someone leaves a comment or clicks the like button.

It’s these people and those anonymous people that just read my site that I think of first when I think of these yearly anniversary posts. A simple thank you – Thank you! – never seems enough which leads me to promising to improve the site in the upcoming year. I’ve set enough of these goals over the years only to see them never get accomplished that I want to stop setting goals for The Null Set; however, it just feels wrong not to, so, here are my goals for 2018.

I promise to let my blog further slide into obscurity by slowing my pace of posting even more and letting my average daily views drop from between 50 – 100 to somewhere under 50 a day.

I promise not to update my Top Anime of All-Time list.

I promise to keep skipping my monthly look back at anime column for various reasons.

I promise to start no new projects.

There, that’s a good group of goals for this year.

Tin / Aluminum is apparently the type of gift one gives for 10th anniversaries.

A staple of these posts is a recounting of various stats. I could just say add a little bit to last year’s stats and that would be about right for this year; however, it’s only right that I provide the exact details to how quiet it was around here last year.

In ten years The Null Set has had:

  • 691 blog posts (16 posts last year)

  • 1,639,534 views (21,985 views last year)

  • 2,894 comments (51 comments last year)

  • 200,070 spam comments (1,329 spam comments last year)

And here are a couple screenshots of the top posts from 2017 as well as where people are visiting from.

Once again, thanks to the readers and commenters. With anime showing no signs of running out of good series, I’ll probably be around for another year.


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