Pictures from the Solar Eclipse

Call me optimistic. I live far enough way from yesterday’s total solar eclipse that I decided I would just wait the seven years for the next one to happen over North America because that one will go almost right over my house.

I wasn’t even planning on taking any pictures of the locally seen ~80% eclipsed sun because I don’t have any of the right equipment. However, a few light bands of clouds showed up at the right time and I figured I could try to snap a few pictures without killing my eyes or my camera.

Seeing my familiar backyard under only ~20% of the normal light for the midday was an odd experience. The birds seemed agitated as they flew around, not quite sure what they should be doing, and the cicadas began their calling and the mosquitoes began to buzz around me. It only took a little imagination to tell myself I’d been transported to a alien planet with a much dimmer sun.

I realize looking at these pictures that one can see how the moon slides it’s way in front of the sun during an eclipse.

Click to make bigger.

Yes, I realize that once one starts a second blog – Steelbound Photography – as a place to put their photographs then they shouldn’t be cluttering up their anime (with a little SF thrown in) blog by showing pictures of a solar eclipse. To answer, maybe I consider these pictures close enough to being “sciencey” which is close enough to science fiction to include here. Or maybe I wanted an excuse to mention my new photo blog or maybe I wanted The Null Set to not look so neglected 🙂 .


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