Nine Years and Counting: The Null Set Keeps Blogging On

A little more than nine years ago – January 21st of 2008 – saw the first piece of writing published on The Null Set, and, thus, began a slipshod experiment that I’m shocked has continued for as long as it has.

I’ve yet to question my desire to continue blogging because, even in this recent time of diminished output, I still feel like that I get more back from my blog than I put into it. One of the reasons for this comes from the feedback I get from people who take the time to leave comments.

So, to my readers and commenters, Thank you! I want 2017 to be a better year for The Null Set than 2016 was.

Eagle eyed readers will realize that I’m almost two weeks late getting this post up. There were very good reasons for this.

  • The first one is that I took too long finishing my eight part series – The Octave of Anime Christmas – which took a look back at 2016 and I couldn’t get to preparing for this anniversary post in time. (If the Octave of Anime sounds suspiciously close to the traditional 12 Days of Anime, then, you’d be right. I didn’t have enough items to fill all 12 days; so, I cut it down.)
  • fff-kono-subarashii-sekai-ni-shukufuku-wo-s2-01-b50cebd7-mkv_snapshot_13-18_2017-01-24_19-58-27Next, I started trying to address the backlog of anime series of 2016 that I didn’t watch as they aired and really should have. So far, I’ve watched the first seasons of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and KonoSuba so that I could now watch the currently airing sequel series. I also started and caught up on 3-gatsu no Lion. There’s been a few others and, ideally, I’d like to be completely caught up by the start of the Spring 2017 because this upcoming season is going to be a beast of a season, just from the power of it’s sequels.
  • And, lastly, I often take the time to do something for my blog for it’s anniversary. One year, I changed it’s theme; another year, I created several new banners. For this year, I cleaned up my blogroll by moving the apparently dead blogs to my page remembering them and adding a few new ones. Also, I did a huge reorganization of my Archive page to make it more useful and I also did some small re-editing of the pages in my About section. Of course, there’s always more I could do on this front, like making the site navigation menus work better; but, I’ve held this post up long enough.

horriblesubs-kobayashi-san-chi-no-maid-dragon-04-720p-mkv_snapshot_20-27_2017-02-02_17-00-45A staple of these posts is a recounting of various stats. I could just say add a little bit to last year’s stats and that would be about right for this year; however, it’s only right that I provide the exact details to how quiet it was around here last year.

In nine years The Null Set has had:

  • 675 blog posts (20 posts last year)
  • 1,617,549 views (33,761 views last year)
  • 2,843 comments (56 comments last year)
  • 198,741 spam comments (1,326 spam comments last year)

And here are a couple screenshots of the top posts from 2016 as well as where people are visiting from.



For 2017, I’d like to see The Null Set rebound from the lows of 2016 and by that I mean an increase of posting – an increase in views hopefully would follow. The obvious first step to realize this goal is to get back to watching a large number of anime series. More input should equal more output. For 2017, I’d also like to get back to writing more anime series reviews. I wanted to do this in 2016 but, during last summer, I got about 80% through a major reworking of my grading system before running out of steam and putting it all aside for later. I think the result will be a major improvement which makes me leery about writing a bunch of reviews that will need redone later.

I also think that I’ll be able to get the chance to redo my top anime series of all time list. It’s been 5 years, there’s been some changes and additions, and I’ve had the chance to rewatch a number of top series. So, it’s time.

I know this post has been a bit gloomy for a celebratory post, so, I’ll end here with some pictures to lighten the mood.






9 thoughts on “Nine Years and Counting: The Null Set Keeps Blogging On”

  1. haha I like that Eeeeeh? expression of Bakuon girls!

    Congratulations on your anniversary! 😀 Wish you many more years of blogging!

    It sounds like you did a lot of reorganization, and are planning even more updates – that’s good!

    I hope this year will be very productive for you! Yay for more input and output! ^_^


  2. Wow, 9 years?? I’d hazard a guess that this is easily one of the most long-running anime blogs around, then – and regardless, definitely an achievement to be proud of. Congratulations on your blogiversary, and I very much look forward to reading your future posts!


  3. @Karandi: Thank you!

    @Kitsune: Thanks! Some housekeeping doesn’t compare to your changing your blog theme for your 10th anniversary.

    @Artemis: Thank you! I would like to dispute that this blog is one of the most long running anime blogs, but, there’s so few blogs that I’ve been reading since before I started this blog that I really can’t.

    I used the Wayback Machine and found that only one of my original blogroll anime blogs are still going.

    @medievalotaku: Thanks! I’m just glad to see that new anime blogs continue to start. They don’t take the place of the fallen ones, but, it’s good to see that anime is still exciting people enough to start blogging about it.

    @prattle: Thank you!


  4. Wow man, I just discovered your blog, and that’s really, really, awesome. A month late, but congrats on the huge milestone!

    I wish you the best in your continual blogging, and I look forward to your future posts! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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