The Octave of Anime Christmas – Day 3: The Eagle Has Landed

Even with my opinion of Bones thawing into something resembling positivity, I almost passed up My Hero Academia aka Boku no Hero Academia because it reminded me too much of Heroman. (I’m sorry if that name just made your gorge rise and doubly sorry if you had just been eating as you read that name.)

I don’t remember when I consciously decided to give My Hero Academia a chance; though, I have a feeling seeing the character designs mightily helped it’s cause.

It passed it’s initial test as to if I’ll continue watching the series, but, if I had been forced to talk about the show as it aired, I’m not sure how definite I could have been about my positive opinion of the show. Some people complained the show was going too slow. This was not the problem I saw because I realized it was being paced as if it was going to be a longer work that we were only getting the first batch of 13 episodes, as opposed to, a work designed to completely fit inside 13 episodes. What I was worried about was the move to hero school because there are a minefield of boring clichés the show was now going to have to attempt to miss and I wasn’t sure My Hero Academia was up to the challenge.

My Hero Academia felt like a pretty house built on sand and I wasn’t sure it would find a sturdy foundation to rely on before it crumbled.

merchant-boku-no-hero-academia-12-720p-mkv_snapshot_05-33_2016-06-21_02-06-47As long as it did not collapse upon itself,  I had the patience to let My Hero Academia give me the proof I needed that it was going to be worth following and I finally got the definitive proof in episode 12. In one of my favorite moments of 2016, All Might – whose hair looks like it’s an eagle about to take off – makes his entrance when a group of villains invade the hero school. These villains think they know the upper limit of what’s possible with All Might’s power and have engineered a foolproof countermeasure. All Might gives a speech about how heroes can do the impossible, see the invisible, touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable, and can go beyond – all while – softening up his adversary with a targeted barrage of greater than 100% power punches before planting himself firmly and delivering a Saitama worthy finishing blow that finishes things.






The reason this moment convinced me that My Hero Academia was on solid ground and could be trusted was that, even though the series moved to a school setting, it didn’t forget that the fragility of All Might’s façade as the greatest hero is the true center to this series. And this spring we’ll get the chance to see if All Might will continue to be able to be the symbol the world needs and will Deku continue his journey into (hopefully) being a worthy successor to All Might when My Hero Academia returns for a second season. And we will also see if my worry – that Kacchan will eventually become a villain – comes closer to happening or will he straighten himself out.


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