The Octave of Anime Christmas – Day 1: May the Season Set You on Fire

Merry Christmas!

Those familiar with The Null Set know that I normally watch somewhere north of 80 series of anime a year. At this point, I’ve finished less than two dozen series from 2016. There’s various reasons for this and I won’t waste the time recounting them; as a result of this, though, I decided I didn’t have enough “moments” of anime this year to do a full 12 Days of Christmas series of posts. I began thinking of a way to trim the number of moments down and realized/decided, on Christmas Eve, I could use the Octave of Christmas as my inspiration.

So, for this first day, Christmas day itself (though, it’s past midnight, as I finish typing this  🙂 ) I’m going to choose the moment of anime that featured my favorite piece of animation from 2016. It’s from the first Kizumonogatari movie, which was one of a few pleasant surprises of 2016.

Kizumonogatari marks the return of the director of the superior first season of Bakemonogatari, Tatsuya Oishi, to the franchise that’s been handled by other hands at Shaft since then. And if one squints enough, this first movie is about being saved (from being a typical teenager) by the crying of a baby and being set afire (literally) after heeding the call of this baby for salvation (hers). So, yes, Kizumonogatari I: Tekketsu-hen is totally a Christmas movie.  😉

And this is the moment. Where Arararagi – oops, I stuttered – learns one of the downsides of being a vampire.










2 thoughts on “The Octave of Anime Christmas – Day 1: May the Season Set You on Fire”

  1. Merry Christmas! Good to see that you are still blogging! Life happens and anime watching decreases sometimes – that’s just how it is. Also, this year was just bad for many people. Hopefully, next year will be better!


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